serving size: 4 | time: 30 minutes

4Pcs Fresh Eggs
4Tbs Canola oil (for frying)
50g Mixed Greens (Preferred Greens such as
Kale, Lettuce, etc)
½ Pc Small Carrot
¼ Medium Sized Red Cabbage
¼ Cup Cherry Tomato
1 Cup Quinoa

1Tbs Minced Mint
1Tbs Minced Cilantro
1 ½ Tbs Coconut Sugar
1 Tbs Coconut Oil
3 Tbs Healthy Options Pure Lime Juice
Thai Fish Sauce to taste
Red Chili Flakes to taste
½ Garlic Cloves


1. Chill fresh egg for at least 3 hours. This will allow you to crisp the egg while keeping the
yolk runny.
2. Cook ½ Cup Quinoa according to package instructions.
3. Wash, dry, and mix the greens and vegetables for the salad. Set aside.
4. Slice carrots and cabbage into thin strips. Set aside
5. Create dressing by heating pan, add coconut oil, garlic, chili flakes.
6. Remove from heat and place on a bowl. Add pure lime juice, coconut sugar, and minced
7. Whisk well and add fish sauce to taste or to your preferred saltiness. Set the dressing
8. Get a small pan, and heat pan with canola oil for frying egg.
9. Once oil is hot, fry chilled eggs and season with salt, pepper, and some chili flakes.
10. Cook the egg until it start to crisp on the bottom but keeping the yolk runny.
11. In a serving bowl, mix the greens, quinoa, and vegetables and toss in the coconut
dressing. Top with the crispy eggs.
12. Garnish with chili flakes and freshly ground black pepper and serve.