our quality standards

The premium quality of our farm produce is achieved by strict observance and implementation of food safety and quality assurance standards.

We not only examine the end-product, we inspect the full supply chain process.

Good manufacturing practices, animal welfare, good agricultural practices, and all-natural farming are among our top priorities.

farm-to-store process

We support local farmers and select our partners based on their farming practices and a shared commitment to providing clean food.


We ensure mutual advancement by educating our partners on the best natural farming and livestock production practices based on international standards.

Quality Assurance

We conduct routine farm inspections to ensure that proper farming practices are being implemented by our partners. Products produced by our partner farmers go through a rigorous laboratory assessment to ensure that no antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were ever used.

Processing and Transport

We go beyond farm inspections and ensure that processing and transport conditions will keep product quality in their most optimum state. Our vehicles are appropriately-designed livestock hauler built particularly for our pork and chicken. In addition, our processing facilities and temperature-controlled delivery vehicles are NMIS accredited.


Once in our stores, we constantly monitor that stocks in display are kept in their right temperature and quality to make sure that no perished produce reaches your table.