I have a good collection of cookbooks at home and I enjoy looking at all the beautiful and mouthwatering dishes from around the world. But somehow, I have always been intimidated by the complex instructions and ingredients mentioned in these books. Then everything changed when I got hooked watching cooking videos on YouTube. Suddenly, I became a ‘weekend chef’!

YouTube is really an amazing resource for learning how to cook. I can rewind the video, pause it, and watch it over as many times as I need to until I have the recipe ingrained in my brain. So far, my biggest success story was the steamed lapu-lapu I cooked over the weekend (pictured below) using the recipe of Taste (more about it below).


Today, learning to cook has never been easier. Anybody with an internet connection and a mobile device or laptop can easily search through cooking videos on YouTube. Warning: not all YouTube cooking videos are created equal. Some are good, many are bad, and a few are just downright ugly. Typically, I prefer those without voiceover as I can’t stand long-winded explanations. If the background music is grating, I just mute it.

For Chinese recipes, I highly recommend Taste: The Chinese Recipe Show. The videos are concise and beautifully shot, music is relaxing, there’s no voice over but has captions. Watching chefs cooking is just so relaxing. Panlasang Pinoy, Gordon Ramsay and Jaime Oliver are also on my favorites list. Have fun and enjoy the process, and don’t worry about perfection. Share your cooking stories by emailing me.


Best of health,
Romy Sia
[email protected]