1. Cellphone

It goes with you everywhere – even into the bathroom. It could be up to 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. In fact, it could have E. coli on it.

2. Remote Control

When it isn’t in everyone’s germy hands, it’s either on the floor or stuck between the sofa cushions – a cozy, dark home for mold and bacteria.

3. Computer Keyboard

You eat lunch over it at work. The cat hops up for a nap after she leaves the litter box. No surprise it’s covered in germs.

4. Dish Sponge

Surprise! It’s the dirtiest thing in your house. That makes sense: It’s wet, absorbent, and you rub food and dirt with it all the time.

5. Toothbrush Holder

A lot of germs stick to the bristles and drip onto the holder. This spot has one of the highest bacteria readings of anything you touch.  

6. Anything in the Office Breakroom

The microwave and refrigerator doors and the faucet are all covered in bacteria. The damp, dark reservoir in your coffee maker could be full of yeast and mold.

7. Dog Toys

Every time your dog slobbers on Mr. Squeaky, he doesn’t just transfer bacteria, he creates a sticky wet place for other germs to thrive.

8. Money

You grab it all the time with your germy hands. Most bills are covered in 3,000 types of bacteria –  everything from the germs that cause acne to microbes from people who lick their fingers when they count out bills.

9. Your Office Coffee Cup

You fill it with coffee made from water that sits in a yeast and mold-filled tank. Then you wash it with a dirty sponge that’s full of bacteria.

10. The Laundry

Some nasty viruses, including rotavirus, which causes severe stomach troubles, make it through the spin cycle and the dryer.

11. Your Purse

You stick your hands in it all the time but rarely clean it. Dirty counters, bathroom stalls, and car floorboards, account for icky travelers on the outside.

12. The ATM

People from anywhere and everywhere touch buttons on the cash machine. Microbes left behind from food like fish and chicken, bacteria from rotting plants and mold.  

13. Shopping Cart

You fill it with meat and then grab the handle. You sit your little one in it, and she fills her diaper. Cart handles and seats are often home to E. coli, campylobacter, and salmonella. 

14. Soap Dispensers

The soap inside the gadget can get contaminated if it’s refilled before it’s completely empty. If you wash with it, you’ll transfer the germs to anything you touch afterward.

15. Kitchen Towel

You use it to clean off grimy little hands and faces or wipe up spills on dirty counters. Your dish towel can be hom­­e to nasty things like salmonella or fecal bacteria.

16. Birthday Cake

Everyone who blows on the cake sends out germs, ramping up the number of bacteria on the cake’s surface by 1,400%.



Source: webmd.com