When we begin with our health, beautiful skin will come from the inside out, and this includes the right vitamins for skin that will support your insides. So, let’s go inside.

The hormonal roller coaster ride

Hormonal imbalances can activate acne.  High levels of androgen hormones stimulate the production of sebum, the oily substance on our skin.  Combine the increased production of oil with everyday dirt and bacteria and you’ve got yourself a zit.

A lot of women experience breakouts just before their periods, which are caused by the surge of hormones. But when breakouts are happening all month long, a more long-term imbalance could be the issue.  Other symptoms of hormonal imbalance consist of anxiety, mood swings, irregular periods, brain fog and fatigue.  Experience two or more and you may be afflicted by an imbalance.

Garbage in, acne out

 It doesn’t just stop at hormones. The importance of eating healthy, whole foods comes to the forefront.  Eating poorly in general is one of the biggest culprits of acne.  Consequently if the food intake is unhealthy, like processed foods, produce grown with pesticides and animal products pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, the toxins in the body will eventually come to the surface; quite possibly in the form of acne.

A look at your lifestyle

A balanced and healthy diet consisting of whole, real foods along with adequate sleep, regular exercise, and stress-control is a must for clear and glowing skin.  This can seem impossible for a lot of people, and that is where a holistic health coach may come in for support, guidance and structure. Vitamins may come in handy, too.

Vitamins for Amazing Skin:

Flax / Borage / Evening Primrose Oil – If you feel like you’re in a boxing match with your hormones, try this trio.  Loaded with Omega 6 and Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), they act as hormone stabilizers, mood regulators and anti-inflammatories. Great for PMS as well.


Fish / Cod Liver Oil – DHA and EPA essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and thus, influential to skin’s health. For best results, eat plenty of cold water fish (wild caught salmon & tuna) and take 3g/day for supplementation.


Probiotics – Infuses the intestinal lining with beneficial bacteria to restore balance that helps with healing the skin, digestion, as well as overall gut and immune health. 


Zinc – Needed for absorption of vitamin A in the blood, zinc heals wounds, aids in skin collagen formation, boosts immune system and utilizes vitamin E.  Zinc also helps the healing and prevention of acne by controlling the production of oil in the skin and help regulating some of the hormones that create acne.  Zinc is found in oysters, ginger, eggs, legumes, pecans, oats, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Supplement with 50mg/day. 



Source: beyondbeautifulskin.com