Why You Should Choose to Live Green

Yes, it’s good for our shared planet – but there are more benefits to an eco-friendly lifestyle than pristine lakes and healthy forests (though we’re pretty keen on those, too!).

Good for Your Health


Choosing organic foods and green products for your household is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in your own health. When organic is on the table, pesticides aren’t, and the research confirms it. Similarly, cleaning products that use toxic chemicals can lead to health issues, while the eco-friendly alternatives are people-friendly, too.

Good for our Farmers


Every time you make a choice at the store, you have the power to make a positive impact in the life of someone across the world. When you vote with your fork, or your wallet, you’re standing up for your right to a healthy environment, and for people who might not be able to make the same choices you do - the poor banana plantation workers in Ecuador, or the migrant farm laborer who works in California’s berry fields, who can avoid pesticide exposure by working on an organic farm.

Good for Your Wallet


Making green choices might seem pricier at first glance; but if you dive deeper, savings are everywhere. Making ecofriendly choices often means simplifying – think using vinegar and water as a multipurpose cleaner instead of purchasing multiple bottles of harsh chemicals. With food, organic food is shown to offer more nutrients than its conventionally produced counterpart, meaning you actually get more bang for your buck.

Good for Air Quality


Between farming and manufacturing, making green choices means better air quality on a global scale; on a more local level, you can improve the air quality in your own home (which is worse than most of us think!) by cutting down on plastics and chemical cleaning products – adding houseplants helps, too.

Good for the Future


We’re pretty big on leaving the earth better than we found it for future generations. After all, they should have the same opportunities to drink clean water, eat healthy food, and enjoy pristine nature that many of us have. That means coming up with solutions on a big scale – like growing organic acreage – and making changes in our everyday habits that will set the groundwork for a healthy future.


Source: us.naturespath.com