In our recent weeklong Business Strategy Planning conference, I’ve asked my team to write down their Life’s Little Pleasures (LLPs), i.e. things that make their lives more bearable, enjoyable, and fulfilling. Their answers offered an intimate window to their lives.

  1. Airport – seeing my bags coming out first on the conveyor belt
  2. Attentive, friendly and efficient customer service
  3. Browsing at book shops in London
  4. Coffee in the morning
  5. Dining at new restaurants with my son and daughter
  6. Driving my Range Rover Sport
  7. Everything British (arts, BBC, cars,   education, food, history, humor, music, pageantry, people, politics, sports and weather
  8. Finding kindness
  9. French food & wine, crusty baguette, arts, architecture, history and people
  10. Fresh bed linens and new towels
  11. Giving bonuses
  12. People with good manners
  13. Hosting a party or an event for my people
  14. Listening to UK Radio stations on my iPhone
  15. Making people laugh
  16. My cat Fluffy coming up to me for a cuddle
  17. No queue. No traffic. No delays, No cancellations.
  18. Power shower
  19. 19. Roasting chicken at home on Sundays
  20. Sharing fine wines (and recently, G&T) with select-friends
  21. The smell of books, magazines and international newspaper
  22. Upgrade to First Class on Cathay Pacifi
  23. Waking up late and knowing everyone will wait for you
  24. Watching the sunrise

What are your LLPs? Share them (at least ten) by emailing me. The first ten (10) senders shall each receive P1,000 worth of Healthy Options Gift Certificates in January.

                                                                                                                                     Finally, our last issue for the year is dedicated to Mother Nature.

     At Healthy Options, we feel strongly and passionately that we cannot take charge of our health if we don’t also take care of our planet. Climate change, global warming and endangered species are not just “news” one reads or sees on TV. They are very real and are happening now all around us. And if we don’t do something to stop or slow down the destruction and degradation of our natural resources and environment, there will be nothing left for our children’s children.

     Please read, think and act. Let’s protect, preserve and cherish Mother Nature.  Happy Holidays and cheers to all!


Best of health,

Romy Sia

[email protected]