Since my March PubPage on Reducing Plastic, I have received some very encouraging feedback and words of thanks from our customers about the awareness campaign and on our own practical efforts of reducing plastic usage.

On the other hand, we also got quite a few irate people who got upset when informed of the discontinuation of the Healthy Options membership cards, which are made of plastic. This even after explaining how using our mobile app in lieu of the plastic membership card offers more convenience and benefits. 

But we can’t turn back time. As we have learned that uncontrolled use of plastic can bring terrible long-term effects both to our health and environment, we at Healthy Options are taking small but determined steps to find ways to reduce the use of plastics that will not jeopardize health and food safety. 

For shopping bags, we encourage everyone to Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB). Invest in a sturdy canvas bag, or a small cotton bag that you can throw in your bag and use when you get some groceries and do your shopping.

We need to transition from relying on items of convenience, and instead focus on small actions that show care for the world we live in and the world our children’s children will inherit. Ditching single-use plastic bags of all kinds and foregoing shiny plastic cards are small but important steps. Go green now.  


Best of health,
Romy Sia
[email protected]