Tasty Movie


I missed the movie Chef when it came out in the cinemas so I was pleased to watch it on board Cathay Pacific last month when I flew to London. The movie was nearly two hours long (115 minutes) and I enjoyed every minute of it. From the opening scene all the way to the ending, I just got totally hooked! It’s the kind of feel-good movie that’s now rarely made by big Hollywood production companies. Chef is an indie movie which was written, produced, and directed by Jonathan Favreau (director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2).  Favreau also played the lead role in the movie as Chef Carl Casper.


I enjoyed and loved the movie so much that I decided to have another  ‘movie-date’ with everyone at Healthy Options, Bow and Wow, Wine Story and Planet Grapes as soon as I got back from UK.  Movie-date is my version of team-building where I rent an entire cinema for a morning and enjoy a private screening with everyone in my Company, complete with popcorn & drinks. To keep it a surprise, I don’t let anyone know what movie will be shown.


In case you haven’t seen Chef, I won’t spoil it by telling you the plot but it’s a beautifully made movie (in all senses except smell). The cinematography is simply outstanding and the food scenes got my tummy rumbling all the way through! The beautiful soundtrack has a lot of catchy tunes.  The movie might be classified as an indie film but it’s a star-studded one with Scarlett Johansson (as the beautiful restaurant hostess), Sofia Vergara (as Inez, the adorable ex-wife of chef Casper), Dustin Hoffman (as the restaurant owner and chef’s boss) and the irrepressible Robert Downey Jr. (who really enjoyed playing the role of Inez’s ex-husband). Downey’s short scene in the movie, to me, is one of the highlights of the movie. Simply hilarious!


Chef is not just a beautiful foodie comedy but a love story too, between father and son. But most of all, it’s about passion, a word that I often say to everyone at Healthy Options.  Bless are those who love what they do and do what they love.  In Chef, the passion is cooking and watching it would surely inspire many (as indeed it did with many of those who watched the movie with me this week) to take up cooking. Cooking for someone is the best expression of love. If you have young kids, cooking for them (and asking them to assist you if they’re old enough) is a great opportunity for bonding.


Final word, there are plenty of F*bombs in the movie, but there’s no sex, nudity or violence. Go get the DVD and watch it. You’ll feel good for a long time after you’ve watched it...but don’t watch it on an empty stomach!


Best of health,

Romy Sia

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