Simple tips and ideas to reboot your kitchen

There are lots of strategies for a healthy pantry makeover, all of which will be part of a series to teach smarter ways to shop and cook and eat. Here are some ideas to get you started.




Make the switch and embrace these healthy pantry staples:

1. Table salt to sea salt:

Salt such as sea salt and Pink Himalayan salt are minimally processed and loaded with trace minerals.

2. Soy Sauce to Tamari:

Tamari, alternative to soy sauce, tastes similar. People on a low sodium and gluten-free diet can cook with reduced tamari.

3. Filtered vinegar to Apple Cider Vinegar:

When unfiltered and unrefined, apple cider vinegar brings a wealth of cleansing benefits to your body while brining zest to your dishes.

4.Vegetable oil for Olive Oil:

When oils are cold pressed and unrefined they become readily available superfoods in your pantry as well as healthy sources of fat to help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

5. Refined white pasta to whole wheat pasta:

Eat your favorite pasta dishes without spiking your blood sugar or consuming empty carbs with whole wheat pasta which contains more fiber.

6. MSG to Organic spices:

MSG and flavorings loaded with sodium and nitrates can easily be swapped with spices to bring your dishes to life. Always choose spices from a reputable source so that you know your spices aren’t irradiated or mixed with fillers and colorings.

7. White sugar to Honey:

Honey is perhaps nature’s sweetest medicine. As an all-natural sweetener, it also stocks your pantry with a therapeutic food thanks to its powerful anti-viral and antibacterial properties. When shopping for honey, choose from a trusted source where you know you aren’t purchasing honey flavored high fructose corn syrup.

8. High Fructose Corn Syrup for Maple Syrup:

Artificially flavored syrups cannot match the health benefits of maple syrup. While both sweet, maple syrup is pure, unrefined, and contains numerous antioxidants

9. Bleached and refined flour to nut and whole grain flours:

Refined white flour is often linked to allergies, malabsorption, and irritable bowel syndrome. This can easily be replaced with a wide variety of alternative flours to match specific diets and a healthy lifestyle in general such as coconut flour, almond flour, brown rice flour etc.

10. White rice to ancient grains:

Ancient grains, such as Kamut, Freekeh, Teff, Sorghum and Spelt can easily be incorporated into meals as a rice replacement. Unlike white rice which is highly processed and low in fiber, ancient grains bring in a wealth nutrition such as protein, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants.

Source: insidethegem