Happy New Year and hopefully, a Happy New You too!

As a newly-minted senior citizen, I feel liberated. There’s nothing between now and the end of my time in this world except to enjoy the time (left) of my life! Maybe now I will stop worrying and just get on and do the things I want to do. Que será será!

Here are the three things I intend to do this year:

1) Keep a diary.

Great thinkers, world leaders, famous artists and celebrities have always kept journals, usually with the knowledge that one day they will be read by a shocked, amused and adoring public. Actually, I have been doing this on and off since I was a teen, but it was more off than on. I credit my late father for introducing (forcing) me to write a diary (in Chinese). But this year, I intend to be more disciplined, focused, and ‘deliciously’ candid in writing about my thoughts of the people I know, meet or dislike. 

2) Make cocktails.

This came as a surprise to me. Last December, my son-in-law treated me and my daughter Jaz to a sushi- and cocktail-making class in one of London’s posh Japanese restaurants. I knew I would love the sushi-making part but had doubts about making cocktails as I’m a committed Bordeaux wine lover. But to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it and discovered that I could combine my two favorite drinks (espresso and alcohol) to make Espresso Martini! I have since made several espresso martinis which were as good as the ones I tried in London. But wine would still go with the main course.

3) Worry less. Love more.

I have been a worrier all my life and looking back, I now realize my life (and those of near and dear to me) would have been so much more enjoyable had I not been such a worrier. I have also been very selfish with my time and impatient with people who matter to me. This year, I endeavor to give more time, have more patience and to accept the flaws of others as nobody’s perfect. And yes, to love more too.

Let me end with this quote from Sheryl Sandberg - “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Best of health,

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