I thoroughly enjoyed putting this month’s issue together Boys to Men: A Health and Lifestyle Guide. But it would be a mistake to think this issue is for men only. Women have a huge influence in shaping a man’s life, especially in their wardrobe, from our mothers, sisters, girlfriends to wives and daughters. I know mine have.


Ladies - read this with your partner and help him sort out his wardrobe. Be ruthless and throw away everything that’s old, worn out and passé. If he objects, throw him out, too. Moms - raise your sons to be healthy & stylish gentlemen. And now, let me share (vent) my three pet peeves about men’s fashion:


  1. Wearing Shorts in Public


Designer Tom Ford made this very clear when he issued the decree that “A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach.”


Rule of thumb: if you’ll be meeting strangers or relatively unfamiliar acquaintances even on casual events, wear light colored pants or jeans, not shorts. This includes going to the malls on weekends where you might bump into a client or subordinate. It’s best not to let them see your funky-looking legs. People will just think less highly of you. Keep your dignity, and avoid shorts at all costs.


  1. Ankle-Length or Short Socks

My second style pet peeve is men wearing ankle socks with formal attire. No one wants to see your hairy calves and even if you shave them, it’s just not appropriate, especially in a business setting or an office setting.


  1. Sandals, Crocs, and Flip Flops

If you consider yourself stylish or if you care at all about your appearance, wearing sandals, Crocs or flip flops in public will always make you look less smart and immature. They look especially bad when you combine them with socks. This marks you as a dork. Shoes tell a lot about your personality. They set the tone for your outfit, so investing in a good pair of dress shoes is essential.


OK, I know some of you will protest and say, in this day and age, people can wear whatever they want. True, you’re absolutely right! Today, you can wear whatever you want and at the same time, you can also look dumb and out. Remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. If you want to get ahead in life and be successful, start by looking the part.


One last thing. When travelling abroad, dress up. Airports and airplanes are public places. You can be comfy and stylish without looking like a slob. Wearing a blazer or a leather jacket is a good idea as it goes with anything. Who knows, you might even be upgraded!



Best of health,

Romy Sia

[email protected]