We thank and appreciate the feedback and comments sent by our customers about the plastic packaging used and found at Healthy Options.

In the short-term, we admit we haven’t found a sustainable and permanent solution yet to zero plastics. As a retailer, we also give the same comments (pleas) to our suppliers and manufacturers in the United States, where 95% of our products are sourced from. The problem is not the will, but their ability to find and provide safe, food-grade and hygienic packaging containers that aren’t made of plastic.

Yes, we do believe in reducing, recycling and re-using plastics. And we have started to deplete and have already stopped ordering single-use plastic water bottles across all our stores. But this is the easiest part.

The harder parts are yet to be overcome, which include finding safe packaging alternatives to plastic to protect and preserve the food we eat. The progress is slow and very frustrating to us, too. But one thing we will never do is to sacrifice food safety and hygiene standards. We also do not wish to increase food waste through spoilage by removing all food plastic packaging. We believe this is more irresponsible and highly dangerous.

Rest assured that efforts and investments are being done not only to increase the public awareness of reducing plastic usage but internally, we are also actively finding ways to reuse, reduce and recycle plastics every day.

With regards to accepting old bottles and plastic packaging for recycling, we are currently in talks with some malls and asking them to provide recycling depository bins (like those found in US) in the malls. We’ll update you as soon as we have made positive progress.

Again, the plastic problem is a global one and it will take determination, imagination and cooperation from all parties (manufacturers, retailers and consumers) to help find a sustainable and permanent solution. The good news is that public awareness on plastics is at all-time high, and we hope a workable solution won’t be that far away. '

Best of health,

Romy Sia 

[email protected]