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healthy options Mobile App
Welcome to the Healthy Options members-only mobile app. As a complimentary service exclusive to Healthy Options members, you now have access to member benefits, all at the convenience of your smartphone. Click here to view the Terms and Conditions of the mobile app.
Enjoy these mobile app benefits created just for you:
Use your smartphone as your membership card
Keep track of your membership points
Never miss an article within our News Digest Library
Cook healthy meals from our recipe archive
Customize your shopping list and reminders
Find or contact all our Healthy Options stores
How to Register:
Click on Register a New Account
NOTE: New members may only register on the mobile app at least 24 hours after they have signed up for membership in the store.
Fill in all fields and click Register
Note: Your membership number is the 10-digit code found on the lower right portion of your membership card
You will receive a verification code in your e-mail. Click Continue
Type in your password and verification code. Click Complete Registration
Note: Password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 number and 1 uppercase letter
How to Sign in:
After successful registration, you may now sign in to your account.

To do so, simply input your e-mail address and password, then click Sign In.
How to activate your digital card:
On the Menu page, Click My Membership
Scroll down and click Activate My Digital Card
Read the message prompt and tap Activate
You will receive this message after activating your digital card. Click Okay
You're all set!
How to monitor your points:
On the menu page, click My Membership
The green bar and box displays your points status.

The grey bar and box displays how many points you need to upgrade from Green to Gold status or retain your Gold status.
Note: Points are credited within 48 hours after purchase.
How to edit your personal information:
On the menu page, click on the on the top right corner.
You may edit all fields except your name and birthdate. For your security, name and birthdate may only be edited by sending an e-mail to ask@healthyoptions.com.ph
How to upload your photo:
Click Upload your photo on the top left of the screen
Read the message prompt and tap OK
Take your picture by clicking From Camera or upload a photo by clicking From Photo Library
You now have a profile picture!
Q: Why can't I download the mobile app on the App Store/Google Play?
A: The Healthy Options mobile app has a minimum operating system requirement. Update your smartphone's operating system to iOS8 or higher for iPhone or Jellybean 4.3 or higher for Android to be able to download the app.
Q: I just signed up for membership, why can't I register to the app?
A: Newly registered members can register on the mobile app after 24 hours, once the new member details have been uploaded and synced across our databases
Q: It has been 24 hours, why can't I register to my mobile app?
A: To register, you must input your valid membership details, including surname and membership number. Send us an e-mail if you need help verifying your membership details.
Q: Why can't I register my membership on multiple smartphones?
A: For security purposes, your membership may only be managed through one device at a time, the same way you have only 1 physical membership card.
Q: What if I lose or change my smartphone?
A: You may e-mail ask@healthyoptions.com.ph and request to have your account device token settings reset. Once it is reset, you may proceed to register your account on your new smartphone.
Q: Can I share my digital membership card to my friends' and families' smartphones?
A: No. Your membership is your personal account. Your friends and family are likewise encouraged to maintain their own membership account.
Q: Why can't I edit my name and birthday?
A: For consistency, names and birthdays can only be edited after contacting ask@healthyoptions.com.ph. This is to ensure we can correctly reach out to you for membership privileges.
Q: Why aren't my points reflected on the mobile app after my purchase?
A: Please allow up to 48 hours for your membership points to reflect on your mobile app. If your points are not reflected after this time, you may e-mail us for verification.