Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Healthy Options brand and products.


What is the returns policy of Healthy Options?

  • Healthy Options guarantees the freshness and quality of our products and will promptly replace or refund items that fall below our high quality standard. However, returns or exchanges not due to quality reasons will not be accepted.

What products are eligible for return?

  • Only unopened, unused, or defective products may be returned or exchanged.

How do I return products?

  • Products must be returned along with actual receipt within 14 days to the original store of purchase.

Can I return items bought on sale?

  • All items bought on sale and/or special promotions are considered final and therefore not eligible for product return.

How will I get my exchange or refund?

  • Returned products may be exchanged for an item of equal or greater value, with price difference paid at the time of exchange. Returned products may also be fully refunded in the original form of payment (cash for cash payment, credit note for credit card payment). Credit card charges incurred and the rebate voucher amount will be excluded from the amount to be refunded.


Who are entitled to Healthy Options rebate vouchers?

  • Only Healthy Options members are entitled to rebate vouchers.

How do I redeem my rebate voucher?

  • Original rebate voucher must be presented to the cashier during purchase. Rebate amount, validity period, and reference number must be clearly indicated on the voucher. Note that faded, dilapidated, or tampered vouchers shall not be valid for redemption.

How long is the validity period of the rebate vouchers?

  • Rebate vouchers are valid within 3 months from date of issuance. Validity period is indicated on the rebate voucher.


Is Healthy Options open for franchising?

  • No. Healthy Options is a privately-owned retail company specializing in all-natural products. In order to maintain the highest standards of products and services for our discerning customers, we are not open for franchising.

Where are Healthy Options products sourced?

  • Healthy Options products are 100% natural and made from the highest quality ingredients, sourced from leading manufacturers in the USA. We don't buy products from a single source or company, but rather choose from among the best international brands and selections available to carry in our stores.

Are Healthy Options products available in other stores or outlets?

  • No. Healthy Options strives to provide our consumers with the finest selection of products that are not found anywhere else on the market.

Can Healthy Options uniforms and jackets be purchased?

  • No. Healthy Options company uniforms and jackets are not available for sale and are strictly for the use of our employees only.

Which celebrities or famous personas shop at Healthy Options?

  • Most Healthy Options customers are prominent members of their industry or field of specialization. Despite this, we don't use celebrities to endorse our products. All testimonials are genuine and unsolicited.

Does Healthy Options re-pack their products?

  • No. Healthy Options never re-packs products carried in the stores. Even our private labels are manufactured and packed in the USA under strict GMP guidelines.

Is Healthy Options affiliated with third party online sites?

  • No, Healthy Options does not offer, sell, or distribute products with any third party online sites.

    Anyone claiming to be Healthy Options when offering products online is not authorised by the Company and has nothing to do with us. For genuine and safe products, come and purchase them only at Healthy Options stores.