You may have heard of different kinds of superfoods that do wonders for the body. They are known to prevent and even cure infections and diseases. One of the most popular is spirulina. Surprisingly, there are people who may have heard of spirulina but are still not aware of its benefits such as the detoxifying effects of spirulina.


What is Spirulina?


Commonly grown in Africa, Mexico and Hawaii, spirulina is a blue-green, freshwater algae also known as arthrospira (edible cyanobacteria). Sun is its primary source of energy just like plants, hence it contains a high amount of chlorophyll as well as being a complete protein.


Moreover, spirulina is rich in iron, B vitamins (306% riboflavin and 207% thiamin), magnesium, Omega 3 and manganese. It's a certified superfood because Spirulina even has zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) as well as other fatty acids essential to the body.


Can Spirulina help you detoxify? What are the detox effects of spirulina? Here are some facts:


Fights against candida

Spirulina acts as an antimicrobial agent that can improve the immune system's functions with polysaccharides a.k.a. complex carbohydrates.


Keeps cholesterol in check

Spirulina can lower cholesterol within just eight weeks.


Lowers blood pressure

Spirulina prevents high blood pressure with the help of nitric oxide that serves as vasodilator in expanding blood vessels and decreasing vasoconstrictor release, which tightens blood vessels causing high blood pressure.


Eases sinus problems and allergies

Spirulina helps combat allergies by modulating immune function.



Spirulina, being rich in antioxidants, helps keep inflammation levels to a minimum. 


Great for anti-aging 

Glutathione, found in spirulina, can protect skin against DNA damage. 


Effective fat burner 

The protein content in spirulina helps to maintain muscle which in turn helps to burn more fat.


Detox cleanse 

Spirulina can eliminate heavy metals from the body such as lead and arsenic from drinking water (about 250 mg or 5 g of Spirulina with zinc taken twice daily is advisable for arsenic toxicity). You can also do a liver detox with Spirulina, thus prevent hair loss, anemia and liver cirrhosis.



If you are wondering whether or not spirulina is a detoxifier or if it does help detox, the answer is yes and yes! Check with your physician on proper spirulina dosage that your body needs. There are Spirulina Herbs and Botanical Supplements available in health food stores that can address specific health concerns particularly those mentioned above.


Available in tablet or powder form, try this superfood in spirulina shots, blended into smoothies, or even simply taken with water to feel it’s amazing effects and reap its various health benefits.






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