Gone are the days where fat is antagonized as the culprit behind many of our health woes such as obesity and high cholesterol. As people are learning more and more about the negative health effects of chemicals found in processed, refined and unethically manufactured foods, fat is slowly but surely understood as a vital macronutrient, and eliminating it is not the answer to cure underlying health issues.


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Wherever you choose to get your dose of healthy fats; egg yolks, coconut oil, avocado, all-natural meats, all-natural dairy products etc., fats have proven to be extremely satiating and a precursor to many metabolic reactions, such as healthy brain and hormonal function. One of the ways people have begun to embrace the health benefits of fat is through drinking bullet proof coffee.


What is Bullet Proof Coffee?

Bullet proof coffee is coffee blended with unsalted grassfed butter and MCT oil, creating a rich foamy latte. The combination of healthy fats with coffee is meant to give you steady lasting energy, without a caffeine crash as well as suppress your hunger, hence why people look to bulletproof coffee for weightloss.


Is Bulletproof Coffee Good for You?

Bulletproof coffee has taken the health world by storm, especially since the ketogenic diet is currently on trend. Many people attest to bulletproof coffee results ranging from health benefits such as increased concentration minus the sugar and caffeine crash, less or zero caffeine jitters, and decreased cravings. Along with all the known benefits of coffee, such as it being high in antioxidants, bulletproof coffee drinkers get all the health benefits that come with healthy fats.


Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe

A bullet proof coffee recipe is highly customizable. You can choose your own kind of beans, butter, MCT oil, as well as the quantity for each ingredient. The idea is to incorporate healthy fats into your coffee to prolong the energizing effects of caffeine without the crash while providing your brain with fuel to keep it working efficiently while keeping your body feeling satiated with nutrient dense healthy fats.

As with any recipe, use the best organic ingredients where possible to maximize the health benefits of bulletproof coffee results. Alternative fats that you can use in bulletproof coffee would be coconut oil or MCT oil as the healthy fats are key to making bulletproof coffee work, particularly for weightloss since incorporating healthy fats into your coffee will put your body into ketosis (fat burning mode).

Classic Recipe:

  • 1 freshly brewed cup of coffee
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted grassfed butter
  • 1 tsp-2tbsp Brain Octane Oil (XCT oil)
  • Start with a small amount of oil and slowly increase amount to find what your body responds best to

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy the benefits!