Stress-busing, energizing, hormone balancing, and mentally clarifying, Adaptogens may be age old ingredients, but their health promoting properties are only now making their way into mainstream health habits and beloved by those who have discovered the amazing and undeniable effects on their health.


The adaptogenic herbs list is growing as we discover the amazing benefits of various types. Maca as an adaptogenic herb for hormone balance, astralagus for immune boosting, holy basil as an adaptogenic herb for adrenal fatigue and the list goes on.

When looking for the best adaptogen supplements, this is a highly customized choice. Look at your lifestyle and see where you could use a boost and speak with your healthcare provider or a naturopathic doctor to better pinpoint if you’d benefit incorporating adaptogens into your diet. Check with yourself if you have trouble sleeping experience brain fog, have low energy, experience mood disorders, or feel anxious. These symptoms are imbalances in your body and adaptogens are an excellent healthy option to remedy these imbalances. Adaptogens are unique in ‘adapting’ to giving your body the nourishment it needs to address these imbalances. This is why different adaptogens are used for so many different ailments.


Adaptogens for stress

Best adaptogen supplements for stress range from herbs, roots, and mushrooms. Refer to the list below for adaptogens that help the body deal with stress as well as counter the negative effects of stress such as dampened immune function, mood disorders, and stress-induced side effects such as lethargy, brain fog and insomnia.

  • Aswagandha: Promotes relaxation by soothing nerves and easing stress-induced insomnia.
  • Eleuthero: Promotes immune function and protects the body from stress-induced illness such as colds and headaches.
  • Maca: Balances hormones and helps keep the body energized and calm even when stressed.
  • Rhodiola: Supports the immune system while acting as an antidepressant and nerve relaxant.
  • Cordyceps: Counters fatigue and promotes hormonal balance.



How to take adaptogens for stress

Adaptogens can be taken in many different ways: eaten whole, drank as a tincture, supplemented with as a powder or extract or drank as a tea. To beat stress with adaptogens, follow the below tips to reap its benefits.

  1. Give it time: Adaptogens are potent yet slow acting. You may or may not immediately feel its effects or notice a difference to your stress levels until after taking it consistently for a period of time. Give yourself at least 3 days for it to build up in your system.
  2. Take it before you feel stressed: Don’t treat adaptogens as medicine, but as nutrition. When you’re already feeling stressed, don’t take adaptogens and expect them to work immediately the same way prescribed medicine would. Take it as part of a healthy diet to give your body a better response and stronger resilience to the negative effects of stress.
  3. Have a rest day: It’s becoming well known that adaptogens ‘adapt’ to your body’s needs, but what’s not known by many is that to maximize handling stress with adaptogens, you need to take a break from them. Whatever adaptogen you choose to take, don’t take it consistently. Give yourself at least a day off once a week so that your body doesn’t build up a resistance to its effects.


Most people who take adaptogens will feel like better versions of themselves. Stressful lives don’t necessarily mean you have to feel stressed. Stay on top of what’s going on around you by keeping healthy with a nutritional boost from your choice of adaptogen and avoid the negative effects that come with succumbing to stress.


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