Never is your schedule more packed than during the holiday season. You rush from a long day at work to a dinner reunion with friends and then perhaps to a party with yet another group of friends to celebrate the season. You want to look your best when you see people you haven’t seen in a while but being on the go can leave you looking and feeling harried.

One way to make sure you arrive at your next holiday fete looking fresh? Fix your hair! While it would be nice to swing by the salon for a quick blow-out, that’s not always possible or practical. Read on for some hair styling tips you can do on your own so you can go be the best-tressed girl this holiday season.

  1. Shampoo your hair as needed.

And this may or may not mean every day. How frequently you shampoo your hair would depend greatly on the volume and texture of your hair as well as your lifestyle. Shampooing every day is generally recommended for those who live in places with high humidity and for those with very fine hair, who sweat a lot (e.g., if you exercise every day), and who have an oily scalp. Just make sure you use a mild shampoo—look into those made with no harsh chemicals. If you want to preserve a blowout for a couple of days, then try to avoid sweating as much as possible to keep it from turning into a greasy mess. If you’re constantly stuck in an air-conditioned office all day without a breaking a sweat and don’t use any styling products on your hair, or if you’ve got thick, curly hair, then you may be able to do without a daily wash.

  1. Stock up your hair arsenal.

Apart from the usual shampoo and conditioner, you should have some other basic hair styling tools and products. The styling products you use will depend on your hair type and the kind of hairstyle you’re going for but experts give a rundown of some products and their uses:

  • Blow dryer, preferably one that is salon-quality to cut your drying time and help give you that sleek salon finish
  • The right brushes, like a boar bristle brush, which stimulates your scalp and helps distribute oil more evenly, and a ceramic round brush for your blow-drying needs.
  • Flat iron, which you can use to smooth out any fly-away hair or even to create waves.
  • Dry shampoo, for those days when you can skip a wash but want to get some of the oil out and add volume to your mane.
  • Hair spray, preferably a flexible-hold one to keep your hairstyle in place without giving you that ’80s look.
  • Hair serum or oil adds shine and keeps frizzy hair at bay.
  • Mousse is a curly-haired gal’s best friend and can also add volume to limp locks.


  1. Stay away from harsh elements.

Just as you should protect your skin from the sun, so too should you protect your hair. Minimize sun exposure as well as heat styling and chlorine exposure. If you must use heat to style your hair, use a heat protectant to help minimize damage.

  1. Be gentle with wet hair.

We’ve all done it—run a brush through our wet hair to detangle it as we step out of the shower. Or pull it back into a ponytail or bun as we’re rushing to get our of the house. But the experts say that wet hair is at its most fragile, especially if it’s been color- or chemically treated. This means that it can make your strands more prone to breakage. Another no-no? Drying or styling wet hair with extremely high heat. Using lower heat takes longer but it’s also much better for your hair health. And using a flat iron on wet hair will just fry it, giving you damaged locks.

  1. Give your hair instant volume.

Are your tresses looking flat at the end of the day? You can change your part to give it an instant lift. You can also add volume by using dry shampoo, flipping your head over and giving your hair a shake, or putting your tresses in big rollers. Another trick? Teasing—just back-brush the underside of your hair to give your hairstyle more body.