Can you lose weight on a gluten-free diet? The short answer is yes.

What people need to know about going gluten-free is that this is not a diet made specifically for weight loss. People with any type of gluten allergy are those who are likely to lose weight as a secondary effect of not consuming gluten.

People who don’t have any type of gluten allergy or intolerance, that already lead a well-balanced lifestyle of a healthy diet and regular exercise are not likely to see any added weightloss by going gluten-free.

can you lose weight on a gluten-free diet

How do you lose weight going on a gluten-free diet?

Weight loss after going gluten-free may pique the interests of weight watchers because many who have any type of gluten allergy or intolerance that go on a gluten-free diet do not only experience weightloss, but better skin, moods, and overall sense of wellness. This is because going gluten-free lessens inflammation in the body, leaky gut syndrome improves drastically, and better nutrient absorption occurs. Going gluten-free heals the body, and a common side effect is weightloss.

People who also go on a gluten-free diet opt for whole foods that are naturally gluten-free. Leafy greens, fruits, gluten-free whole grains that are fiber rich, and quality proteins are all common components of a gluten-free diet, which happen to also be nutrient dense and promote weightloss.

Gluten-containing foods such as bread and pastries are also high in sugar and simple carbs that give your body empty calories without much satiety for your appetite. Going gluten-free cuts out these empty calorie foods in your diet and often get replaced with lower calorie foods that are more nutritious.

A gluten-free is not a weightloss diet

People have to understand that the primary function of going on a gluten free diet is to allow the body to heal from the ill effects of gluten for those who cannot digest it. It is an elimination diet, and not a weightloss diet.

For people who can digest gluten, but go on a gluten-free diet, they may or may not lose weight depending on their current lifestyle. For people who regularly exercise and eat a well balanced diet, drastic weightloss may not happen if they eliminate foods that contain gluten. For people who do not exercise and eat gluten-containing foods that aren’t very nutritious, such as white bread, pasta, and pastries, they will likely lose weight cutting these foods out from their diet and replacing them with more nutrient rich foods.


In summary, going on a gluten-free diet can make you lose weight. Whether or not you’re allergic to gluten, incorporating nutrient-rich foods and cutting out simple and empty carbs from your diet, where gluten commonly occurs, will help your body lose weight. If you’re already eating healthy and don’t have any type of gluten intolerance, going gluten-free may not deliver drastic weightloss results.