So often, self-care and stress management is put on the backseat of our priorities amidst our busy and multifaceted lives, only to be used when we’re already feeling stress and its negative effects. While a certain level of stress is healthy, to be stress free isn’t the goal but more of having effective stress management.




To accept stress, instead of resisting it, think of stress management as a whole-person approach to a calmer lifestyle, instead of an on-cue reaction everytime you feel stressed. Follow the simple ABC’s of stress management when dealing with stress.



Accept stress as a daily reality and something that needs to be balanced. Instead of denying it or attempting to avoid it altogether, focus on accepting the stress in order to gain control of it.  

The body is naturally equipped to address stress when it has the right tools, particularly with nutrition as stress depletes many of our body’s nutrients. For instance, cortisol tenses our muscles and can make us feel depressed; this can be kept at bay with mood-boosting and muscle-relaxing magnesium. Stress is notorious for dampening our immune system and slowing our digestion, this can be kept at bay as well with a daily probiotics.

A healthy diet and supplement regimen is the perfect way to show your acceptance of stress, by taking in the right nutrients in preparation before you feel the effects of stress.

Bring on balance

It’s very difficult to find escape from daily and unexpected stressors in our life. This is where balance becomes a key concept for maintaining healthy stress levels. Amidst the daily stressors that you face, you need to find a daily balance. This means a balance of nutrients, a balance of stress relieving activities, and a balance mindfulness to keep you centered as amidst the stress.

Create daily calm

Even when you don’t feel stressed, your cells may be affected and your energy suffers. This is why fatigue from stress seems to sneak up on us, when in reality it has been building up. It’s important to find ways to keep calm everyday to retain, prolong, and protect your resilience to stress. The fun part about having a calming daily ritual is it’s all about doing what makes you happy. Whether it’s concocting your own custom mix of your favorite superfoods to keep you feeling strong, an hour long session of yoga to calm your senses, or a power nap to energize you, finding a daily practice to keep you calm and sticking to it is the not-so-secret-secret to managing everyday stress.


With chronic stress on the rise, it is integral to keep your stress management techniques dynamic and suitable to your particular health needs. With acceptance, balance, and calming practices that you personally love and can stick to, stress will be that much easier to manage.


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