On the list of ways to keep your body healthy, incorporating probiotics into your daily diet ranks right up there. Just some yogurt in your morning granola, kefir in your smoothie, or a kombucha afternoon pick-me-up, the benefits of probiotics are interconnected to your entire body.


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6 Facts about Probiotics Beyond Good Digestion


  • Probiotics balance out antibiotics


Probiotics are responsible for 70% of our immune system response. When our bodies become ill, antibiotics are often prescribed to kill the bacteria making our bodies sick. Unfortunately, antibiotics do not kill just bad bacteria, but good bacteria too. This is why probiotics are needed after a course of antibiotics, to help our bodies get back on track with the right balance of beneficial bacteria.


  • There are 10 times more probiotics than cells in our body


There is an estimated of over 400 species of probiotics found in our body, responsible for numerous functions to keep our body healthy ranging from immunity, healthy skin, good moods etc. Bacterial cells in the body are 10 times more than human cells with more than 100-300 Trillion probiotic bacteria and yeast found in one healthy person compared 10 trillion cells in the body.


  • Probiotics are good for your mental health


This area is one of the underrated benefits of probiotics. Your gut health and mental health are closely interlined. According to research when your microbiome is unbalanced, it directly affects your brain function, mood, immunity, and mental health. This is why traditional medicine focuses heavily in gut health.


  • Your appendix incubates probiotics


According to some research, when the body is under attack by pathogens the appendix releases a store of probiotic bacteria that counterattack invaders.


  • Vaginal Birth is the first dose of probiotics


When a baby experiences a vaginal birth, it gets first dose of probiotics. An inoculation of Bifidus Infantis probiotic is given to 60% vaginal births.


  • Probiotics influence endocrine health


Although probiotics and gut health are most commonly known for improving digestion, a healthy working gut does more than that. Hormones are developed in the gut, and when our guts are healthy, so does the excretion of hormones. If you’re experiencing hormonal issues or imbalances, try incorporating probiotics to improve it.




A healthy gut is a healthy body, and probiotics are a key component to achieve this, going far past just having good digestion. Read more about some amazing facts of probiotics, and ready your next meal to incorporate these friendly gut-loving bacteria to find out just how probiotics are good for you.









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