Dear Healthy Options Customers,

Healthy Options is a local company that has been a big part of people's lives for 25 years, and we want to continue to serve our community especially during these very difficult and uncertain times.

During the 2003 SARS outbreak, we did not abandon our posts. We will not do so now. I am therefore writing to assure you of our commitment to the following:

Keeping Our Employees Safe

We are following the WHO guidelines on how to protect ourselves from COVID-19 including maintaining a high standard of hygiene, social distancing and avoiding non-essential travels.

The frontlines who report for work across our stores are 100% volunteers. No one is forced to report for work. They are all professionals, and they know this is what they have signed up for when they joined Healthy Options - to serve and provide our customers with peace of mind, not just to sell products.

In the absence of public transportation, we have arranged transportation for our people and will also provide accommodation if necessary. Be assured that we are taking all steps, precautions and care to ensure the health and well-being of our people as they carry out their duties.

We will provide 100% sick pay if anyone is required to go on self-isolation. We do all of this because we know we can't give peace of mind to our customers without our people having peace of mind first.

Serving Our Community

We will do our best to keep our stores open every day given the changing measures being imposed by our government. Please refer to our website for the list of stores. We are also taking strict measures to clean and sanitize our stores daily, and at the same time keep them replenished.

Online Shopping and Home Delivery

Of course, the best option now is to offer online shopping and home delivery. I am optimistic that we could roll out a limited online shopping and delivery service soon.

It is the Membership Privilege program that is causing the delays due to the complexities of the earned points system. I am therefore inclined to temporarily deactivate the membership privileges and discount for online shopping service to expedite the 'Go-Live'. We ask for a little bit more time and for your patience and understanding.

Rest assured, we are doing the best we can to provide a safe shopping experience and healthy environment for your peace of mind and for our people too.

On A Personal Note

I hope that this unprecedented event (at least in our lifetime) provides sufficient downtime to open a bottle of wine and reflect on all that we do have - in spite of these troubled times - to give life true meaning. Thank you and stay safe.


Romy Sia

Managing Director

Healthy Options