When does a baby start stage 2 food?


Feeding your baby is both an exciting and tough journey for your family. Moving up to a new baby food stage is considered a milestone for your child. Along this milestone, new changes come that you should always take note. Pay attention to signs that show your child is ready to advance to the next stage and experience age-appropriate food and nutrition.


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When do you switch to stage 2 baby food?


Moving up to stage 2 baby food also means saying goodbye to small portions and single ingredient purees for your child. This is the time for your baby to taste thicker and little pieces of food. He will also start enjoying tastier food combinations during this fun and exciting stage.  


Ready, set and eat


Some experts say that your child is ready to move to Stage 2 food at the age of six (6) to eight (8) months. But there are also studies that consider eight (8) to ten months as the best time to give stage 2 baby food. It is true that all babies are different. More than your baby’s age, it is more important to observe and carefully look for signs that show he is ready to taste and experience thicker and chunkier food.


Here are two clear signs that you should take note to know if your baby is ready to eat Stage 2 baby food:


1. Baby can swallow his food easily.


Thanks to the purees that your baby ate during stage 1, he is now learning how to effectively chew even without teeth. He is also starting to swallow food besides breast milk or formula.


This new eating milestone also shows that your baby has lost the tongue thrust reflex he uses during breast or bottle feeding. Less drooling, no coughing and keeping food inside the mouth when eating are also clear signs that your baby is now ready to try stage 2 food.


2. Baby can sit well in a high chair.


When you start giving second stage baby food, make sure that your baby can already sit well on a high chair when you start giving him thicker and chunkier food. Chunkier food should be cut into small pieces and served soft to prevent your baby from choking.


Introducing new food to your baby may be fun and exciting but his safety should always come first.  Sitting well on a high chair will ensure that your child is in a safe position and choking will be prevented when eating thicker food.




Knowing when you should start the second stage of baby food will be more interesting for both parents and babies. Parents will discover more about their babies’ needs, food interests and new skills during this stage. It may be a little bit messier as babies try to feed on their own, practice “chewing” and swallowing thicker and tastier food, but always remember that training your baby to eat stage 2 baby food is a process and challenging task.


Carefully observe your child and don’t be afraid to explore new food and always make eating a fun and nourishing time for them.









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