Our hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. As the follicles produce new hair and the original hair that we see falls out naturally, which we usually see on our brushes and combs. This is how the hair regenerates and how it is replaced.

However, hair loss is common to men, women and children. It is sometimes categorized as something that happens naturally or sometimes it is also genetic. Alopecia is when you experience a lot of hair loss. This is sometimes caused by the body’s week immune system that attacks the follicles and causes the hair to come out.


The common misconception is that, hair loss is only common to men, but hair loss can be seen in women too. Hair loss can be caused by poor lifestyle, stress, what we eat and also, has something to do with our hair care products. But in cases for men, too much hair fall can cause baldness that start from the temples and recedes; this is called androgenetic alopecia, the most common type of hair loss in men. So, is there a hair loss cure? What are the best fixes for hair loss for men’s hair? How can you solve hair loss in women?

“Prevention is better than cure.” A common saying that we somehow take for granted. This is true and can be applicable in preventing hair loss, because hair loss treatment can cause a lot thru medications and surgery. So instead of going through this process, here are some easy treatments for hair loss that can help.

Using the best shampoo to prevent hair loss is one thing, but another to use the best organic shampoo for hair loss. Using natural products on your hair and scalp can help rejuvenate your hair gently and just as effectively as those shampoos with many harsh chemicals. It also has the essential vitamins that can be naturally obtained in oils.

To maintain a great hair, we must also take care of our scalp with products that are mild and gentle. Deciding to lessen hair treatments that may damage the hair is one step like often dyeing and bleaching since it can cause the drying of the scalp. Sulfate free shampoos can be of good help for the scalp and the generation of hair. Since it’s milder and gentle, it won’t harm the hairs follicles and contribute to the moisturizing of the scalp, thus making hair growth visible.

Oil is also essential to our scalps health. The lack of it can result to hair loss and dry scalp as well. Using essential oils can help promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. Massaging an amount of it in our scalp in a circular motion regularly can help in the proper circulation in the scalp. Here are essential oils for hair loss:

  • Coconut Oil

This oil literally can do anything; you can use it in your skin, your hair, your hair as a moisturizer. Because of its characteristics as oil, it stays on your hair and prevents breakage. Seriously, is there anything that this oil can’t do?


  • Argan Oil

Argan oil is also used for hair loss. It can protect your hair from heat making it more nourished. And like many other oils that keep our hair moisturized, this also helps in keeping a more manageable hair.


  • Jojoba oil

This oil produces almost the same oil that our head produces called the “sebum”. With this, the scalp will easily allow it to penetrate thru the hairs follicles for a deeper effect to the scalp and hair without any side effect or irritation.


  • Castor Oil

This helps in the growth of hair. It has vitamin E, minerals and proteins. It can reduce hair loss, fights dandruff and other scalp infections and can also prevent split ends.

Aside from these oils that we can naturally use, we are all aware of that good nourishment always comes from within. The best foods for hair loss should be included in your well-balanced diet for maintenance and prevention. Foods that are rich in vitamins A, B and E, iron and protein are the best choices, since the hair is made up of protein fibers. Salmon, honey, spinach and nuts, sea food and dairy products are best to take when we experience thinning of the hair. Nourishing ourselves from within makes our immune system more productive and it makes our physical outer appearance better. 

Taking care of ourselves should always be top of our priority, because that is how we showcase our personality. So, start taking care of yourself from top to bottom. There is so much to do with your hair so we must not take it for granted. Continue going healthy, and choose natural. It’s the best way to go.




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