Our hair is our crowning glory, so when given the chance to treat it and experiment with it, people are likely to grab that chance to update their look. One of the most popular ways to experiment with our hair is by dyeing it.

Hair coloring comes with many options; from hair dye, henna, bleaching, cellophane, and even tingeing with at-home ingredients are some of the options that can be used to change hair color.

It’s common knowledge that using dyes may cause irritation to the scalp and has a tendency to destroy the cuticle of the hair due to the ingredient ammonia, which is commonly present in most chemical-based hair dye.

When we color our hair, the cuticle has to be lifted in order for the treatment to penetrate the hair shaft. Once the cuticle is lifted, the particles and chemicals of the hair dye enters the barriers and makes it weak, unable to do its job to protect that layer of the hair where most nutrients are.


So how do we repair damage and prevent further damage to our hair?

To protect hair from further damage from coloring, opt for sulphate-free shampoo formulas which are gentler on color-treated hair. Sulfate free shampoos are on the rise in the market to answer the need for consumers who want gentler formulas without hair-damaging sulphates. Sulfate-free shampoo is especially beneficial for already sensitized color treated hair. This is because shampoo formulas that contain sulphates can over strip hair from nutrients and color deposits. Sulfate-free shampoos on the other hand protect hair and hair color from stripping hair of color, moisture, and nutrients.

When on the hunt for sulphate-free shampoo, look for organic formulas. The best organic shampoo for color treated hair will vary from user to user, but the common feature is to choose organic formulas. The essential oils, plant extracts, and botanical ingredients are more nourishing to damaged locks than chemical based formulas. Also, organic shampoos are more often than not sulphate free.

So when deciding to color your hair, know it’s more than a trip to the salon. Coloring your hair means changing your hair care routine and products to promote lasting color, vibrancy, and healthy hair. Sulfate-free shampoos are a must to care for color treated hair and fortunately there’s a wide array out there for you to choose from to maintain your locks and new look.








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