Cheers to the holidays! It’s that time of the year when celebrations are in order. The many parties this season seem incomplete without a selection of classic Christmas cocktails and other festive drinks. Bubbly beverages are a given when it comes to ringing in the New Year, with everyone clinking glasses as the clock strikes 12.

But what if you can’t take part in the merriment with an alcoholic drink? Maybe you’re pregnant or have a condition or allergy that keeps you from indulging in spirits. Maybe you’re just being responsible, choosing not to drink alcohol because you’ll be driving after the party. Or maybe you just never really developed a taste for it. No matter what the reason, there is no need for you to feel left out when everyone around you is raising a glass. You too can have a fun, fizzy, and flavorful drink that contains no alcohol. Even your below-the-legal-drinking-age relatives can join in!    


Bring on the Bubbly!

Healthy Options, the largest organic and all-natural health store in the Philippines, brings you their limited-edition sparkling grape juices, which give you the fizzy kick of your favorite bubbly without the alcohol. They are made with 100% all-natural grape juice combined with an array of unique flavors: Apple Mango, which gives you a taste of the tropics; Rose, which has that distinctive pink hue; Gold Apple, which has the rich earthy tones of this fruit; Wildberry, a sweet, fruity concoction; Red Grape, which has the burgundy color of red wine; and Acai, which is touted as a superfood which is nutrient-dense and packed with antioxidants that are good for your health.

These exceptional blends are made with no alcohol, no sugar, no preservatives, and no colorings. The bottles have lovely hand-painted labels that make these sparkling juices a unique and elegant gift.

Grape Juice vs. Wine

How are grape juice and wine different when they come from the exact same source? The first step in their production is even similar—the liquid is extracted by crushing and blending the fruit. Interestingly, wine is the more “natural” product of the two, as the sugar in grapes naturally bring about fermentation, which produces alcohol, ultimately producing wine. (White wines have the skins removed while rose keeps the skins on for some time for the liquid to develop the pink color.)

In grape juice, the fermentation process is halted using pasteurization to keep the alcohol from being produced. While wine has been produced for thousands of years, grape juice is a more recent invention, tracing its origins back to 1869 when American Thomas Bramwell Welch produced non-alcoholic wine to be used in church. His son took over and started a grape juice company and the rest, as they say, is history. Grape juice grew in popularity and was even served during a diplomatic function instead of wine.

Like sparkling wine, bubbles are introduced to sparkling grape juice via carbonation, via natural or artificial means. The result is a fizzy drink that has the goodness of grapes with the bubbliness of soda but without the alcohol or the added sugars.

Benefits of Drinking Grape Juice

At the very least, drinking a glass of all-natural grape juice can help you meet your fruit intake requirements for the day. But research suggests that drinking it in moderation (like wine) can be good for health in other ways. A review of the research on the benefits of grape juice indicated that this fruity beverage may have cardiovascular benefits in both healthy individuals and in those with existing conditions. Some findings cited in the review include:

  • A 2002 study which found that Concord grape juice contained antioxidants that ultimately reduced the risk of chronic diseases;
  • A 2000 study that found grape juice to be more effective than orange juice in protecting against the effects of bad cholesterol;
  • Studies that found grape juice tended to keep blood clots from forming, which means it may help keep arteries from being blocked; and
  • Studies that indicated that grape juice may lower blood pressure in those with mild hypertension.

So, fill your glass with this alcohol-free holiday drink and let’s drink to health!

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