You probably already have a skincare routine for your face (and if you don’t, read this) but you may not have thought about having a regular anti-aging hand treatment. Your hands are a part of you that you may overlook when it comes to skin care, but they can easily betray signs of aging, from age spots to crepe-paper-like skin.

Unlike other parts of your body, your hands get plenty of sun exposure because they aren’t covered by clothing. If you drive, then they also get a dose of UV rays when you’ve got your hands on the steering wheel. You also use them for practically every household task, from cooking to cleaning to doing the laundry, all of which can subject them to wear and tear. Constant exposure to water, from washing dishes and handwashing for the sake of hygiene, can also strip your hands of oils, making them dry. Additionally, the skin on your hands doesn’t produce as much oil as the skin on your face, which further exacerbates dryness.



Some Signs of Aging

The American Academy of Dermatology gives a rundown of the signs of aging when it comes to your hands and the treatments that can help:

Age spots. These are the dark spots that form and grow with consistent exposure to the sun. Some of the dermatological treatments that can address age spots are laser therapy, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, and creams and lotions that target discoloration.

Actinic keratoses. Rough, scaly patches may turn out to be precancerous growths that usually develop in those who have fair skin and who are 40 years old or older. Again, this is caused by sun exposure. You’ll have to consult with a dermatologist to map out a proper treatment plan

A rough, crepe-paper-like texture. Just as skin elsewhere on your body can look less full over time, so to does the skin on your hands, which may make the veins look more prominent. A dermatologist can restore fullness by injecting a filler. You can improve the appearance of wrinkly skin by applying lotion with retinol or glycolic acid, by having a light chemical peel, or through a laser treatment, and by maintaining results with the regular application of moisturizer. Visible veins can likewise be addressed with a laser treatment.

Loose skin. Aging slows down the production of collagen, which is responsible for making skin firm and plump. The loss of collagen means skin starts to sag. You can tighten loose skin on your hands through radiofrequency.

Tips to Protect Hands from Aging

Making aging hands appear more youthful may involve expensive procedures so prevention is really the key. Learn how to make hands look younger naturally with the tips below.

1 Slather on the sunscreen. Those ultraviolet rays may seem harmless but over time, they can lead to age spots—those dark pigmented spots on your hands. The best thing you can do is to prevent them from developing in the first place by protecting your skin from the sun’s rays. After applying sunscreen on your face, slather the excess product onto the backs of your hands. Reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially after washing your hands.

2 Wear gloves. You don’t have to start a whole fashion movement—just wear gloves when you’re gardening, cleaning, or washing dishes to minimize exposure to hot water, dish soaps, and other harsh chemicals.

3 Moisturize. Use an anti-aging hand creams, serums, and lotions to keep the moisture in and keep your skin looking plump and feeling smooth. Look for natural ingredients like olive oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter. Keep a bottle or jar of moisturizer right by the sink so you remember to moisturize after doing the dishes or washing your hands.

4 Don’t forget your nails. It’s not just all about the skin. Brittle nails can make your hands look unhealthy and unattractive. If you notice that your nails have ridges or are prone to chipping, then consider increasing your Vitamin B intake by eating sardines, eggs, or legumes or taking a biotin supplement.

You might also go for funky nail polish colors to appear more youthful but some nail trends can actually age your hands. While things like glitter aren’t advisable, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to nudes. An orange-based red polish can give you younger-looking hands (blue-based reds can make veins appear more obvious). Not a fan of polish? Just keep nails neatly trimmed. 

Try these aging hands home remedies so you can get the upper hand on aging and avoid having to get pricey treatments later on—your future self will thank you!