When to start biscuits for babies, it’s a good idea to first look for the best teething biscuits for babies. Around the 6-month mark of your precious little ones growth, they’ll begin growing teeth which can be very uncomfortable for them, making parents keen for finding the best biscuits for babies in order to soothe them.

As your baby transitions from breast milk to solid food, teeth are a sure sign that they are ready for solid foods. When asking yourself when to start biscuits for babies, it’s a good idea to incorporate them into their diet as soon as they need a form of pacification from the growing pains of their baby teeth.

As with every instance your baby needs to eat, it’s an opportunity to strengthen and nourish them, this is why breastmilk is so nutrient dense. When your baby goes on solid foods, parents must continue feeding them nutrient dense foods to ensure they grow up healthy and strong. Teething biscuits are no different, and when looking to which biscuits are good for babies, here are a few guide lines for which biscuits are good for babies, because as parents, you’ll want biscuits that will both pacific and nourish them.


Best Biscuits for Babies

1. Free from refined sugar
Cavity causing refined white sugar is a no-no for anybody aware of good dental health. Keep babies delicate teeth and gums healthy and safe from cavities by giving them teething biscuits without refined white sugar.


2. Free from allergens
Babies have delicate and immature digestive systems. Ensure that their progression from breastmilk to solid foods is not too taxing on their digestive system in order to avoid gas and an upset tummy. When giving them teething biscuits, it would be a good idea to avoid biscuits made with common allergens such as hard-to-digest gluten. Choose teething biscuits that are transparent with their allergen labeling, especially if your baby shows an aversion to things like eggs, wheat, dairy etc. If the teething biscuits you’re looking at don’t disclose any allergen information, it’s best to put it back on the shelf.


3. Made with real ingredients
Preservatives, artificial flavors, fillers, artificial colors, and refined over processed ingredients (such as nutrient devoid white flour) have no place in anybody’s body, especially rapidly growing babies. Choose teething biscuits made with simple wholesome and recognizable ingredients that are safe and nourishing for your baby.

A key thing to keep in mind when getting teething biscuits for your baby is to keep it simple. Real wholesome ingredients should be the only thing the biscuit is made of and nothing less. Keeping up your child’s nutrition is key to get them past the difficult stage of teething and to reinforce eating time as a time to promote healthy growth through proper nutrition.


Products You Might Be Interested In


Happy Baby Organic Teethers Banana and Sweet Potato 

Happy Baby Organic Teethers, Banana and Sweet Potato

Happy Baby Organic Teethers bring smiles to mom and baby, with an easily dissolved, soothing texture and healthy, organic ingredients. Made from simple ingredients free from artificial flavors & gluten, these rice flour teethers are gentle on gums and tummies.


Happy Baby Organic Teethers, Blueberry and Purple Carrot

Made with jasmine rice flour and a touch of organic fruits and veggies, Happy Baby blueberry and purple carrot teething wafers dissolve easily, making them a perfect first snack for baby’s developing gums.


Child Life Liquid Vitamin C

Children today are being exposed to more toxins than any previous generation. To defend against these pollutants, your child’s body utilizes and requires extra antioxidants. For immune support and environmental protection, use ChildLife Essentials® Vitamin C daily as a vital antioxidant which has been thoroughly researched and shown to help support the immune system through daily use.


Happy Baby Puffs Sweet Potato & Carrot

Dusted with sweet potato and carrot powders, lightly sweetened with real fruit juice, and enriched with vitamins B12 and E, and choline, these puffs melt in your little one's mouth and encourage self feeding, while supporting your baby's brain and eye health.


Happy Baby Super Foods Apples, Sweet Potato, Carrots & Cinnamon + Super Chia

HappyTot Super Foods is a simple, tasty meal pouch and a perfect snack for babies, toddlers, & moms on the run. Organic apples, sweet potato, carrots, and cinnamon get a boost from chia, which adds fiber and Omega-3s (ALA).


Spry Strawberry Banana Toothgel

Spry's all-natural, fluoride-free tooth gel for kids uses xylitol and calcium to gently clean and build the oral health of infants and children. The yummy-in-the-tummy, strawberry-banana flavor will help encourage your child's good dental hygiene.


Nature's Plus Animal Parade Acidophikidz 90 Chewable Tablets

Animal Parade® AcidophiKidz® delivers friendly intestinal flora which provide the healthful benefits associated with gastrointestinal balance. Luscious mixed berry-flavored AcidophiKidz supplies the rare herbal extract Rhododendron caucasicum and the probiotic B. coagulans.