Where there’s plenty of fish in the ocean, there’s also plenty of nutrients to be found. Incorporating seafood into your diet is a powerful ally to have on your plate, boosting overall health, protecting from cancer, and promoting healthy brain and heart function.



Benefits of an all seafood diet

Fish and other seafood is filled with a boatload of nutrients from the sea, with the unique benefits of being high in protein without the saturated fat. Read more below on the benefits of eating seafood and what nutrition is in seafood and nutrition facts on seafood.


  • Low in fat, high in protein

When looking to the best seafood when dieting you can’t really go wrong from what you pick to eat such as fish, shellfish, and squid etc. which are all rich in protein without the fat. Dieters can achieve their weightloss goals more easily while getting their protein fix though seafood.


  • High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Inflammation busting, brain health promoting, cholesterol lowering, and heart protecting omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in seafood. Next time you need a health boost for your brain and heart, enjoy yourself a hearty serving of seafood such as steamed fish, clam soup, grilled squid, or baked oysters. If you're currently following the keto diet, seafood is a great source of healthy fats!


  • Rich in vitamins and minerals

The ocean is rich in nutrients, giving life to a countless and diverse amount of species that thrive on the richness of the ocean. Minerals such iodine, zinc, potassium and phosphorous are more abundant in seafood, which are hard to come by in food from dry land, making seafood not only be on par with some much loved food from land, but also offer more hard-to-find nutrients, perfect for healthy eating.


How healthy is the seafood diet?

While seafood is extremely healthy, people looking to boost their health from an all seafood diet need to consider how their seafood reached their plates and how it was cooked to ensure that the inherently good-for-your-health seafood remains a healthy seafood meal.


  • Source

Not all seafood is made the same. To make sure your seafood diet is healthy, choose sustainably wildcaught seafood or seafood that was grown using natural methods. Just like beef, poultry, and pork, and fresh produce, seafood can be subject to questionable practices (ie. containing mercury and microplastics) that lower their overall nutritional quality. Check for ASC certified companies sustainably farm seafood, and MSC certified companies sustainably source seafood from the wild. Know where your seafood comes from and pick the ones that haven’t been raised or fed artificial chemicals, or caught in a way that endangers the oceans delicate ecosystem.


You can sidestep the often daunting task of picking low-mercury, sustainably caught, naturally grown seafood by finding trusted seafood retailers and fishmongers who readily supply quality seafood, and sticking with them.


  • Cooking method

You can have the freshest slab of salmon, or caught-on the same day squid, premium oysters etc. and still not reap all their health benefits if you cook it wrongly. As delicious as it may be, deep frying seafood will negate many of their health benefits, and so will pairing it with low quality ingredients such as msg-laden flavorings, GMO cooking oils, etc. Stick to poaching, baking, stir frying and steaming to get the most nutrition from your selection of seafood and pairing them with high quality all-natural and organic ingredients to round up a truly healthy seafood meal.


Inspired to get cooking with seafood? Get started with trying this Tuna Malunggay Pesto on Quinoa Pasta and this Salmon Whole Wheat Quiche.

Sustainably sourced and organic salmon, pollock, hake, scallops and clams are available at select Healthy Options stores.


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By 360 Alaska Pollock 280G

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By 360 North Pacific Hake 340G

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