With the constant environmental changes, adjustments to pandemic life and sudden boom of skin care trends, Healthy Options, together with Derma E, debunked beauty myths and got to know the natural ingredients that are actually good for the skin. In our discussion with beauty expert Nicole Akers, we talked about acne, anti-aging, brightening and so much more.


Here are Nicole's answers to common questions about anti aging skin care:


1. What natural ingredients can prevent wrinkles?

"Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea are great antioxidants that can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles."


2. What is the best anti-aging regimen?

"Advanced Peptides & Collagen Moisturizer, Skin Restore Serum Skin Restore Eye Cream, provide collagen benefits along with other antioxidants while Hydrating Gentle Cleanser ensures skin is soft, supple and hydrated."


3. How should I use retinol for anti-aging?

"Apply nightly on freshly cleansed skin."