With the constant environmental changes, adjustments to pandemic life and sudden boom of skin care trends, Healthy Options, together with Derma E, debunked beauty myths and got to know the natural ingredients that are actually good for the skin. In our discussion with beauty expert Nicole Akers, we talked about acne, anti-aging, brightening and so much more.


Here are Nicole's answers to common questions about sensitive skin:


1. How can I deal with sensitive skin?

The best way to support sensitive skin is to be mindful of the skincare applied to the skin - selecting clean products that do not contain dyes, synthetic fragrance and chemicals. Our Soothing fragrance-free skincare products are highly recommended for sensitive skin, particularly if you are prone to fragrance allergies, atopic dermatitis or rosacea, or if you have red, easily irritated, reactive skin.


2. What skincare you will recommend for oily and sensitive skin?

Derma E's Sensitive Skin Line can help reduce visible redness and irritation while calming and comforting the skin. These are great for oily and combination skin as they are all considered lightweight. Many of the products in our Purifying skin care collection can also help prevent and defend  skin from environmental stressors that inflame and degrade the skin. Over time, skin becomes less dull, smoother, and returns to a more youthful glow.


3. Is it true that beauty oils is not good for sensitive and acne prone skin? thanks

The right oils are great for all skin types as these can help regulate sebum production. Oils also help lock in moisture, leaving your skin hydrated and nourished.