Natural Grooming: Men’s Care

Many men don’t really pay any attention to grooming, perhaps thinking that this is the woman’s domain. But there’s definitely nothing wrong with a little self-care. With the success of Netflix’s Queer Eye, which has a team of five gay men helping men find their best selves, and the popularity of the show’s grooming guru, Jonathan Van Ness, more men may be more attuned to the importance of male grooming.



Men and women have different concerns when it comes to grooming, Men sweat more, have a different skin texture, and may have hair on parts where women typically don’t have them, so their grooming routines may be different. Read on for a rundown of men’s grooming tips, from head to toe.

HAIR. “Guys should get a haircut every three weeks to a month,” says Muriel Vega Perez, a makeup artist and professional groomer. He adds that men’s haircuts are trickier than women’s, so be sure to go to a good barber.

Shampooing every day can dry out your hair, so experts generally recommend skipping the shampoo every other day or two. If it feels strange, you can do a quick rinse without using any product that may strip away some of your scalp’s natural oils.

FACE. The cleanse-tone-moisturize routine applies to men as well. Before going to bed, make sure you wash off the day’s dust and grime. You can use a mild exfoliating facial wash once a week for a more thorough clean.

According to the International Dermal Institute, “After puberty, sebum production is greater in males than in females, which is attributed to androgen secretions and accounts for why men have longer lasting acne. The cells in a man’s sebaceous glands have more positive receptors for androgens, which explains why they produce more sebum.” Translation: Men tend to have oilier skin. A toner can help reduce oiliness, and so can a clay mask.

“Men should always moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” says Perez, adding that even those with oily skin can benefit from a water-based moisturizer. This together with sunscreen are your best defense against skin aging. But aging isn’t the only reason to slather on sun protection. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that in the U.S., one in five Americans will develop skin cancer and states, “Sunscreen use can help prevent skin cancer by protecting you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Anyone can get skin cancer, regardless of age, gender or race.” Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30. Make sure to apply even on cloudy days—even when it’s overcast, it’s estimated that about 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate your skin.  

FACIAL HAIR. Sure, you can let your eyebrows grow in all their unruly glory, but a unibrow rarely looks good on anyone. If you’ve got a little too many strands growing in between eyebrows, you can clean that up with a pair of tweezers. Shaving for men requires a few other essential male grooming products: facial hair scissors (if you’re rocking a beard), a good razor (make sure to replace dull blades), shaving cream, and after-shave balm.

Those with facial hair might want to follow Van Ness’s tip on an episode of Queer Eye: Put a finger over your Adam’s apple to determine the right bear length and follow the shape of your jawline.

BODY. If you’re fond of hot showers, you might want to scale back a bit as they may dry out your skin. You can try a cold shower in the morning to help wake you up and get you pumped for the work day. If you don’t want to think about purchasing so many bathroom products, go for all-in-one products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) that have the bonus of taking up less space in your bathroom. Also pick a good anti-perspirant/deodorant to keep sweat stains at bay.

BODY HAIR. Waxing salons can be found all over the metro, but if words like “boyzilian” (a Brazilian wax for boys) and “manscaping” (landscaping for men) terrify you, relax. There’s no need to strip all your hair off unless you really want to. What’s important is keeping things clean and trim. Note: Make sure that whatever you use to trim your nether regions is different from what you use for your face.

NAILS. Trim nails once a week and keep nail beds from getting ragged by using moisturizer or lotion.

FEET. If you like trading in your Oxfords for sandals on the weekends, make sure your feet are well-groomed. A pedicure isn’t necessary but do trim your nails and keep soles of your feet from cracking by moisturizing them before bed.

Don’t overlook the importance of male grooming. If it seems like too much work, just remember that there isn’t one type of routine for all men—pick a routine and products that work for you and your lifestyle to make sure that you can stick to it.




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