The nutrition of eggs and cholesterol are a hot debate. There are credible sources stating that it increases cholesterol and there are those saying that it doesn’t. While both studies carry good proof for their claims, when it comes to eating eggs, it all comes down to the individual’s unique nutritional needs. Studies that confirm the nutrients in eggs do or do not cause high cholesterol should not be taken as absolute but instead a guideline on how much eggs one can consume based on their health.

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Myth or Fact: Do eggs really cause high cholesterol?


What is cholesterol?


Cholesterol, a waxy substance found in all cells of our body, is vital for good health. It is needed to create hormones, vitamin D and essential for various metabolic processes.


Keeping low or no cholesterol levels should not be a health goal, aim for healthy cholesterol levels instead.


Cholesterol made by our own bodies is blood cholesterol while dietary cholesterol comes externally from food sources.


Among healthy individuals, whether from the diet or created by your body, cholesterol is used and excess is removed by the liver in order to maintain healthy total cholesterol levels.


So do eggs really cause high cholesterol?


Eggs inherently do not cause high cholesterol, but like many food sources, eggs are a source of cholesterol. This is where the confusion lies.


Eating foods that contain cholesterol do not directly cause high cholesterol, but a lifestyle of high cholesterol food may lead to it. So no, eggs do not cause high cholesterol, but a consistent excess of total cholesterol in the body coupled with a poor lifestyle will make you more susceptible to high cholesterol.


It is not eggs alone that cause high cholesterol, but a high cholesterol diet in total wherein your body cannot balance out the excess.


So can I eat eggs?


To put it simply, the answer is yes. Any healthy individual can eat eggs and benefit from the variety of nutrients is offers. What’s important to remember is what you need nutritionally as an individual. For example, a healthy person with normal cholesterol levels will eat differently from those who are prone to high cholesterol. Where eggs are concerned, consumption will be more or less. 




Anything taken in excess is not healthy and the ‘excess’ is defined by each individual.  As far as the nutrients of eggs go, if you have high cholesterol, eat less dietary cholesterol, if you have normal cholesterol levels then maintain a healthy intake of dietary cholesterol. Eat according to your needs and savor every bite that nourishes you!





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