Eggs are a nutrient-rich and natural whole food. You can find eggs in the richest and most decadent desserts, to hearty meals, and even diet friendly foods. For its range in recipes, what’s the calorie profile of an egg?


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How Many Calories in an Egg?


An egg in itself is actually a low-calorie food, especially considering the wealth of nutrients you get from consuming it. Depending on the size of the egg and how it is prepared, calorie content will vary. Most of the calories in eggs are found inside the yolk, where most of the nutrients of the egg are found as well.


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How you prepare your eggs will affect their calorie content. For instance, if you fry an egg instead of boil it, the overall the number of calories in an egg is increased due to the oil.


Here’s how the calories content of eggs vary depending on how you prepare it:


Raw Eggs


An average small egg contains 55 calories, a medium-sized egg has 70 calories and an average large egg is around 80 calories. Extra-large eggs are 80 calories and a jumbo egg is 90 calories. Relatively, eggs are a low-calorie food without carbohydrates or sugars, and only 5 grams of fat (7 percent of your daily recommended intake).


Boiled or Poached Eggs


Approximately, a boiled small egg contains about 55 calories, a medium egg, 70 calories, a large egg, 75 calories, and an extra-large egg is 80.


Egg whites (plainly cooked or uncooked)


An egg white from a large egg contains 18 calories.


Egg yolk (plainly cooked or uncooked)


An egg yolk from a large egg contains 55 calories.


Calories from Fat


Eggs provide HDL or good cholesterol, while being low in saturated fat. Approximately 5 grams of total fat and 2 grams of saturated fat is what you get on one large, hard-boiled egg. According to a 2,000-calorie diet, a hard-boiled egg takes 2 total calories of your total fat.


Fried Eggs


Knowing the calorie count of an egg in itself, you’ll need to consider what to add to it when cooking to determine how many calories your egg dish contains.


For instance, fried eggs can easily get an extra 80 calories from the oil used. Add-ons such as cheese, bread and butter will add as well to the total calorie of the dish.




Remember that not all calories are made equal. 100 calories of oil is not the same as 100 calories of vegetables. Don’t get too caught up with the numbers and just best enjoy your favorite egg dishes by cooking them with high quality, whole food, and nutritious ingredients that you and your family can enjoy.




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