Pork is often misjudged by those trying to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle, when in fact, pork that is raised properly and given healthy food not only fits into the healthy lifestyle but even contributes to a healthy diet.

Our pigs are pampered by farmers and organically raised with access to the Galician countryside in Spain for at least 6 months and fed with 100% organic cereal-based diet.


What’s so unique about this pork?

Breed – Duroc breed has a significant amount of lean muscle which results into having a good degree of fat. This is considered a high-quality meat that contains a high content of proteins, vitamins (B6, B12, niacin, etc.) and minerals (iron, zinc, phosphorus or magnesium).

Organically raised - It is free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Pork that is free from harmful chemicals keeps consumers safe from various diseases. The pigs are raised in the highest welfare conditions where sustainable agro-farming production takes place which respects the environment. Furthermore, the farms have toys (balls, tree trunks, teethers…), classical music and other amenities to avoid stress and achieve tastier meat.

Feeds – chestnuts are part of the cereal-based feeds which contributes to having a tastier and juicier with a hint of sweet nuance meat. In 2017 Coren has purchased more than 3,000 tons of chestnuts then go through a peeling and cooking process, to prevent the bitterness of the peel and facilitate their digestibility. Meat from pigs fed with chestnuts has healthier fatty acids and higher levels of antioxidants. 


The Bottom Line:

Healthy diet is what we prioritize now and knowing where your meat comes from and what is special about it helps us to be more aware of the importance of choosing all-natural and organically raised meat. At Healthy Options, you have one less thing to worry about. We make sure to offer only best quality pork.