From grilled, baked, fried and roasted forms, chicken is a popular food in many countries and is cooked in a multitude of ways in every household. It's also a go-to meat for anyone following the keto diet. There are thousands of beloved chicken recipes, and for good reason. Chicken is not only tasty and delicious, but its meat is also highly nutritious, especially when choosing the best kind.


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Healthy Benefits of Choosing All-Natural Chicken


When it comes to picking and buying your poultry, chickens that are labeled as "all-natural" is recommended. All-natural chicken does not contain chemicals, antibiotics, and artificial hormones. So, what are the health benefits of eating all-natural chicken?


  • You're safe from the effects of antibiotic residue


To prevent diseases in cramped and dirty quarters that they live in, chickens are injected with antibiotics. This makes them a breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are spreading to humans, making antibiotics less effective when we need them.

All-natural and organic poultry develops better immune system through better animal management and nutrition, thus, they are more adaptable and resistant to diseases. They are grown in clean environments; therefore, they don’t need antibiotics to keep them healthy.


  • No artificial growth hormones


All-natural and organic chickens are not given growth hormones to grow faster. Fully grown chickens can weigh 9 pounds, but the average chicken only weighs an average of 2 pounds. These unnaturally large chickens can barely walk or breathe while trying to support all this extra weight! The reason for making these chickens grow so quickly and reach unnaturally large sizes is to meet the demand for poultry. But keep in mind that a big and fat chicken raised within a few weeks comes with plenty of questions as to how it was raised.


All-natural chicken does not get hormonal treatments like growth hormones and steroids, because farmers let them grow naturally at their own pace. There's no need to worry about excess of hormones in your food that can in turn cause imbalances and affect your own health.


  • Healthier environment


Chicken fertilizer may be the secret to many farmers' successful green thumb. Unfortunately, many of the chicken waste produced by conventionally grown chickens is actually considered a bio hazard and not suitable to grow crops. Instead, it gets disposed of and contributes to air and water pollution.


What makes conventionally grown chicken waste so toxic? It’s the antibiotic and chemical residue that gets excreted. These highly synthetic compounds do not get broken down easily, and are considered pollutants when disposed of. Raising all-natural chickens on the other hand is actually beneficial to the environment, as their waste is not considered toxic, and can actually be recycled to help grow fresh produce.




Depending on how you plan to prepare your next chicken recipe, be conscious where your food comes from to make a truly healthy meal that benefits you. If you’re curious about where your chicken comes from, ask your local supplier. If you’re not happy with how your chicken was raised, try visiting a health food store for all-natural poultry instead.


All-natural chicken is available at select Healthy Options stores.


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