As versatile as the tree it comes from, dried shredded coconut offers a host of exciting healthy culinary endeavors. Each time you sprinkle, mix, roll, top, garnish etc. with dried coconut, you give your dish an added boost in stomach-flattening fiber, brain-boosting healthy fats, and blood-nourishing iron to name a few.



Get creative in the kitchen and incorporate dried coconut anywhere you want. Below are a few ideas where you can use dried and shredded coconut as little or as much as you like!

Energy Balls

Energy balls are an on-the-go healthy persons staple for an energy boost. Typically a mixture of fruit, nut butter, flour, nuts, and even superfood powders (maca powder, spirulina, acai etc.) these energy balls turn picture perfect when rolled into dried coconut, or even with dried coconut mixed into the batter.


Curries are savory and have a medley of flavors. With coconut milk as a key ingredient to bring all the spices together, it makes sense that shredded coconut would work well with this beloved dish. Sprinkle curry dishes with dried shredded coconut to add another dimension in texture and to compliment the spices in curry even further.


Add the distinctly warming flavor of coconuts to your morning oatmeal. Dried shredded coconut pairs well with so many oatmeal toppings such as fruits and nuts. Try mixing it with other dried tropical fruits such as dried mangos and nuts like macadamia for a tropical-inspired bowl of oatmeal.


When it comes to granola, your imagination is the limit. From the variety and combination of oats, fruits, sweetener, oils and spices, a granola recipe is as simple as it can be unique. The exciting thing about using dried shredded coconut into your granola recipe is that when toasted, dried coconut brings such as toasty, creamy, almost marshmallow-like sweetness and aroma to granola. Warm up any granola recipe with the distinct warming quality of coconut.  

Smoothie Bowls

Instagram worthy smoothie bowls are all the rage for the health conscious. Deceptively simple, creating a beautiful smoothie bowl requires a blender and colorful toppings. Simply blend your choice of fruits and vegetables. Toppings are key to make it look instagram worthy, with the whiteness of dried shredded coconut adding a beautiful and vibrant pop of white, which is hard to come by with other smoothie bowl toppings. Bonus points that white goes well with any other color, making dried shredded coconut the perfect topping to have on hand for any smoothie bowl.


Healthy, flavorful, versatile, and appealing to the eye, dried shredded coconut flakes are perfect for any healthy pantry and those looking for a simple addition to give their cooking a healthy boost.


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