Hair loss or “Alopecia” is common not only with men but also with women. Causes of hair loss has many factors that can either be natural or genetic, making it hard to diagnose and to know what the certain cause is. There are some cases where a man goes bald at an early age, where a woman loses hair during a certain time in her life and when medication is taken. There are many factors to be considered when we talk about hair loss. The most common culprits are from the products that we use, the food we eat and nutritional status of our bodies.



We can do different treatments for our hair. Whether you use a different kind of shampoo, use different oils, or bleach and dye your hair, all these may play a role in hair loss.


Dyeing can damage your hair, but in some cases, it won’t cause hair loss. Dyeing usually takes away protein that our hair needs making it look thinner, which gives us the illusion that we are actually losing hair. Truth is, since the hair color is covering our hair, it also covers the dead hair that is not growing anymore. Hair dyeing only affects the hair above your skin, causing irritation, allergies and dryness, while hair loss is more on the effects of chemicals found in the hair dye formulation.



Below are some natural products that help with hair loss after getting damaged from hair dye:


  • Oils- it moisturizes the scalp and helps in strengthening the hair with its essential vitamins.
  • Herbs and plants- by going organic, we should go natural. Natural plants and herbs are the safest since they may have no side effect and can help in hair growth.
  • Neem oil- it is not a commonly used product but it can help in reducing the thinning of the hair and hair loss.
  • Biotin-it helps in maintaining great hair health and our over all appearance.
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein-it strengthens the hair shafts. Our hair is made up of protein called Keratin and we should use products that high levels of protein as well.
  • Vitamin E- we should include this in our diet to prevent dry and damaged hair.
  • Sulfate-free shampoo- a mild shampoo that doesn’t have tough ingredients and keeps the hair healthy and beautiful due to its mild contents. It can help in reducing frizz and dryness.


Dyeing your hair can cause hair loss especially if your scalp and hair follicles do not agree with the formulation. Typical ingredients found in commercial hair dye such as parabens, resorcinol and ammonia are all carcinogenic and can make hair weak, causing it to fall. If you want to dye your hair and avoid the damaging effects, opt for natural formulas which are gentler on the scalp and focus on both nourishing strands while coloring them.






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