The first weeks of breastfeeding can be extremely challenging for mothers. Different breastfeeding issues such as low milk supply and how to position your baby properly during feeding time usually happen during the early weeks of breastfeeding. You need to resolve these issues to be more confident and firm to continue your breastfeeding journey.


You may be asking yourself how can I increase my milk supply? This is a crucial concern that needs to be addressed at once to successfully feed your baby.


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Can Fenugreek Boost Your Milk Supply?


One of the most recommended solutions for low milk supply problems of breastfeeding mothers is to take fenugreek capsules. The amazing benefits of fenugreek have convinced mothers to take the breastfeeding path amid the challenges that go along with it.


Fenugreek and breastfeeding


Fenugreek is an herb grown in different parts of the world. Besides being a galactogogue or a milk supply booster, it is also used to spice up Indian and Persian food. Fenugreek can be taken in capsule or tea form but the former is considered as the more effective choice for breastfeeding mothers. Whatever form of fenugreek you choose to take, make sure that this herb is from trusted sources that give quality and pure fenugreek.


healthy fenugreek for nursing moms


The amazing benefits of fenugreek for breastfeeding mothers can be attributed to diosgenin, a component in fenugreek that helps to increase milk supply. Fenugreek also increases prolactin levels that boost milk production.


The recommended dosage for breastfeeding mothers is two to three (2-3) fenugreek capsules that should be taken three times a day. Most of the mothers who followed the correct prescription experience an increase in their milk supply 24 to 72 hours after taking fenugreek capsules. You may also know if the capsules are starting to take effect when you observe a maple syrup odor in your sweat and urine.


Helpful tips to breastfeeding mothers


Fenugreek capsules and other types of galactogogues do not solve all breastfeeding issues especially low milk supply. It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor or attend counseling sessions with trained lactation consultants to know your exact condition.


Fixing the baby’s latch and observing how your baby is getting milk are some of the important concerns that you need to troubleshoot to ensure continuous breastfeeding and increasing milk supply.


When discussing fenugreek and breastfeeding – remember that fenugreek is not recommended for pregnant women because it causes contractions. Breastfeeding mothers who experience side effects can stop taking the capsules and look for other ways such as eating oatmeal or papaya soup to boost their milk supply.


On the other hand, there are no scientific studies that confirm problems and other side effects for long-term use of fenugreek to breastfeeding mothers.  You can immediately stop taking fenugreek once you have gained consistent and enough milk supply for your baby.




Fenugreek, both in capsule and tea forms, can be easily bought in drug stores in the Philippines. The amazing benefits of fenugreek are very beneficial to breastfeeding mothers, but remember to always choose from a reputable source and check the labels to know the contents and expiration dates to ensure maximum safety.





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Solgar FP Fenugreek Vegetable Capsules

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Nature's Plus, Herbal Actives, Fenugreek

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The Republic of Tea Organic Fenugreek SuperHerb Tea For Nursing Moms

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Traditional Medicinals, Organic Mother's Milk

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