Your baby just turned six months and you are excited to give them wholesome baby food. How can you make your baby’s first solid food experience special? What food should you prepare that will not only taste good but be also safe and nutritious for your little one?


Best Organic Baby Food for Stage 1


If you want to make your baby’s milestone truly special and safe, give him organic baby food. Remember that it will be his first time to taste something besides breast milk or formula, so you have to make sure that he will enjoy this healthy treat. Going organic in this early stage of your baby’s life will give you a positive head start in developing healthy eating habits for your child.


When can I feed my baby stage 1 baby food?  


When your child reaches the age of four to six months, stage 1 baby food can be introduced to supplement breast milk or formula feeding. These foods are mostly fruit and vegetable purees that can be easily digested by the baby. You may opt to make them fresh by simply steaming and mashing fruits and vegetables, or save time and getting ready made wholesome stage 1 baby food. Be sure to choose products that are organic and free of unwanted chemicals and preservatives. Try brands like Earth’s Best and Happy Family premium baby foods that are certified organic.


Carefully observe your baby for signs that will indicate that he is ready to eat stage 1 baby foods. He should be able to lift his head independently and sit with minimum support. He shows interest for food by reaching for it whenever he sees you eating. If these signs are present, get ready for this exciting food adventure with your baby.


Organic or Conventional Stage 1 Baby Food?


Even at this early stage in your child’s life, choosing between organic or conventional baby food is a crucial decision to make for parents. You are resolute to give the most nutritious and safest food to your baby so you consider all the factors and information at hand. Always remember that your decision will affect your intention to let your baby explore new food flavors and develop healthy eating habits as he/she grows up.


Organic baby food for stage 1 may be the best choice. Keeping your baby’s health and safety as your top priority is an effective motivation to stick to your decision to go organic.


Limiting your baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals is important since his immune system is not yet fully developed. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown free from pesticides while organic brands such as baby cereals are preservative-free. The long-term benefits of feeding your baby organic food outweigh the time and effort you invest in preparing these healthy foods.


If you want to make sure that your baby’s food is prepared in the cleanest and safest way, you can buy organic fruits and vegetables (apples, papaya, carrots, or squash) and make thin and runny purees on your own. Just make sure to have the perfect consistency that is easy for your baby to swallow and digest.




More parents are convinced that organic baby food for stage 1 is the healthiest and safest way to feed their children. In choosing to feed your baby organic food, you are not only committed to protect your child’s health but also help reduce pollution and keep the environment safe for all the children by supporting organic products.


Beyond Healthy and Safe Food for Your Baby


There’s no guarantee that starting your baby on solids will be easy. To know how more about how often and how much, as well as the allergy risks involved, consult with your pediatrician regarding the introduction of wholesome stage 1 baby food.




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