Dried or chapped lips are never a good sign or view to most people. If you have such, people might think that you are sick, dehydrated or even experiencing and infection. In extreme cases, chapped lips can result in bleeding, flaking, cracking and small scales in the lips, which is unsightly to many. But what causes dry lips?


Unlike other parts of our body such as our face and scalp, our lips don’t have natural oil glands to retain moisture. Lack of moisture is known to cause chapped lips, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures. Aside from these, licking lips causes dryness since our saliva further takes away the moisture. In hot countries like the Philippines, chapped lips in summer are an effect of the intense heat.


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The good news is that cases of dry lips can usually be treated with simple remedies and preventive measures, the most common and famous of them all? Lip balm!


Lip balms are wax like materials used to moisturize and to relieve dry or chapped lips. Our lip layers are different from any other layers of our skin. It doesn’t have melanin, so it cannot protect itself directly from the sun and it is much thinner than any other skin on our body. Using lip balm helps keep lips moisturized and protected from extreme heat and coldness.


Using natural and all organic lip balms can bring even better results than ordinary lip balms. So why use organic lip balm? Although both may moisturize the lips, all organic lip balms are more effective since they are natural, they don’t have any harmful chemicals and additives or synthetic ingredients in them that may irritate the lips.


Best Natural Lip Balm Ingredients that Solve Chapped Lips


Ordinary lip balms may contain ingredients that has petroleum chemicals and can harm the skin. Organic lip balms don’t only moisturize your lips but it also keeps them healthy and beautiful.


By providing enough nourishment to our lips, it promotes softer lips and can repair damage from environmental stressors such as the sun and pollution. There are common ingredients in all organic lip balms like beeswax that gives good protection to the lips by creating a barrier that can protect it from possible damages in the future. Aside from these, natural lip balms are better since we can easily adapt to its mild and gentle feeling.


Natural home remedies are a great way to ensure health of our lips and one of the best natural and homemade lip balms is a sample by Carla Hall, a television host, chef and a previous model. Using her recipe to create an all organic lip balm, you can have your own natural anti-dry lip companion with these ingredients:

  • Two parts coconut oil to one part beeswax.
  • Melt beeswax over double boiler.
  • Lip balm tins
  • Microwave
  • Essential oils

Adding all these ingredients can help you start with making and producing your very own organic lip balm.


Using natural lip balms that contain the following can be the best option for people with chapped lips:


  • Jojoba oil – for moisturizing and replenishing
  • Papaya – for softening lips with natural exfoliating fruit enzymes
  • Honey – for healing and moisturizing
  • Natural oils – for added nourishment and fragrance
  • Aloe and Vitamin E – for plumping and healing
  • Green Tea – for protection




Now that you know the best organic lip balm ingredients, the next step is to read the labels when shopping for your lip balm. Many products are really good when it comes to keeping our lips moisturized but natural remedies and organic lip balms are the best way to go. All you need to do is find your favourite brand and when you’re ready, pout those lips and off you go! 









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Cocokind Organic Lip Balm Mint

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