Valentine’s Day is a little different this year, but we’ve still got reasons to show love and celebrate in little ways. Whether you want to show love to your parents, your partner or even yourself, you can make it happen with these tips.

1. Start the day with a heavy breakfast for the whole household

 Healthy Breakfast Picks 

Make the most of the morning with a healthy, energizing breakfast. Change things up with whole grains, plant-based milk and gluten-free mixes. 

2. Don't forget mom and dad.


Give your parents a quick call this Valentine’s Day. Though old-fashioned, greeting someone via phone call (or Zoom!) shows more sincerity and gratitude than a heart sticker in the family Viber group.

3. Send your love even when you're miles apart

Missing someone today? Send over a care package with their favorite snacks and perfectly sweet treat. Check out our Valentine’s Day gift sets.

4. Bake something sweet for your next-door neighbors

Healthy Baking Ingredients 

Even if you’re not a pro baker, you can still whip up a warm batch of goodness with a few key ingredients. Check out this beginner-friendly chocolate chip cookie recipe you can try.


5. Cook up a surf & turf dinner.

Surf & Turf Options 

Steak and seafood go hand-in-hand if you’re planning a romantic dinner at home. Check out these sustainably sourced seafood & beef options and organic steaks you can cook!

Romantic bonus: oysters are known aphrodisiacs


6. Play upbeat music all day long


Keep the good vibes coming with happy, timeless tunes you can blast at home, or in the car. Here are our top picks: The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, A-ha, Fleetwood Mac and Dua Lipa.

7. End the day with a glass of good wine


Whether shared with a special someone or enjoyed while watching the latest episode of WandaVision, a glass of good wine is something you’d better save room for. Check out these all-natural Spanish wines.


Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts? We’re here to help. Have them delivered to your loved ones.