At one point, most of you either had your tresses colored on a regular basis or saw an interesting hair color from your favorite star and tried it just for fun. It doesn’t matter if you DIY-ed the new look or did an appointment with a pro hair colorist in a posh salon. When your color-treated hair is on point, you’d always want to keep those locks in tip top shape for as long as possible.

It’s always fun having that fresh from the salon feeling! Aside from having a hair that looks oh-so-perfect, getting compliments because of a fab new hair color never fails to give you a smile. But everything has its own price.

That fabulous new look that you have may get you disappointed in just a few short weeks—or maybe even less if you don’t take care of it. The stunning rich browns get all muddy and dull looking. Those gorgeous blonde tresses may suddenly look brassy, and the fiery reds just don’t look so vibrant anymore.

We quickly find ourselves rushing back to the salon, asking for a quick color touch up. But really, even if you have a regular day job would you rather pay for this monthly “investment” if you can save that up instead for other things?

But let us give you some good news! With proper maintenance like using the best organic shampoo for color treated hair and a little creativity, you can have your color-treated tresses looking shiny and vibrant, keeping that fresh from the salon experience a little longer.

Here are some tips that’ll help protect those color-treated locks.

  1. Prep for your coloring session

Any kind of hair treatment, including coloring, can damage your hair. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the post-coloring to dos, but did you know the pre-coloring to dos that you need to remember for you to get the best results? A week or two before your scheduled appointment, treat your locks with a nice deep conditioning treatment. No need to spend on pricey products. It’s always best to go au naturel.

Go ahead, and whip some DIY hair masks with ingredients like avocados and olive oil. Also, it’s important to choose organic and note your top color picks!

  1. Use cool water during bath time

When washing your hair, stick to rinsing with water at lukewarm or cooler temperatures. While hot baths are really nice, especially on a long day, it tends to leech color out from your hair faster. Hair dyes are prone to stripping out during this time because hot water opens up the surface of the hair strand, which causes the dye molecules to escape.

  1. Put your guards up against the sun

UV radiation is just as harmful to your crown of glory as it is to your skin. If you’re going to be out under the sun for quite some time during the day, hair sunscreen should be on the top of your head (literally), or if you find it hard to find one, just be sure you carry a dainty hat with you.

On sunny days, be ready to fend off harsh rays. Who wants some split ends and frizz, right?

  1. Oil up before going for a swim

Did you ever get bummed while on a vacation because you didn’t want to get your hair wet? When we go for a swim, the water doesn’t cause any problem, it’s the chemicals like chlorine that goes in it.

Grab a bottle of your new BFF, coconut oil, and lather your hair up before jumping in the pool. This creates a slippery barrier between your locks, that harmful chlorine and all other chemicals that may lead to faded hair color fast.

  1. Soak up before dunking in the pool

When going for a swim, don’t get overly excited! Head on over to one of those rinse-off stations before jumping in the pool, and soak your hair with clean water. Your hair gets to absorb less chlorine or salt if you're going into the ocean, if you knack this little trick. After you're done swimming give it another rinse to avoid those salts and chemical from soaking in your tresses.

  1. Comb hair with a wide-toothed comb

Since your colored hair is technically treated with chemicals, it is weaker and drier than natural hair—making it more susceptible to breakage. Take extra effort in taking care of your hair, and avoid breakage by preventing vigorous towel drying, and using wide-toothed comb over fine bristled ones. If you must use a hair dryer, remember the cool water tip: make sure it’s in cold setting.

  1. Choose your shampoo wisely

When you wash your colored locks, it’s always better to use a color-protecting shampoo. Using a good shampoo will help your color last longer and help maintain the health of your processed hair. TIP: Choose the best organic shampoo for color-treated hair.

Not all shampoos are not made equal and it’s important to know why. Harsh shampoos containing high amounts of sulfates can reduce the color from your hair before you get to rinse the suds from your eyes. So next time you go out for grocery shopping, look for shampoos and conditioners that are gentle, color-safe and sulfate free or better yet, go on and search for the best organic shampoo for your color treated hair!



If you color your hair, you know that a lot of maintenance comes with making your gorgeous strands stay fresh. Always choose the best products, most especially the best organic shampoo for color-treated hair, to protect your hair from damages from the sun’s UV rays, damaging deposits from the water supply, color fading and daily style among many others. The best products can help you keep your hair shiny and vibrant!  




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Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Plumeria Shampoo

This product gently cleanses and intensely conditions to lock in color, replenish moisture and restore softness. It is packed with tropical treats for hair that is soft, smooth, shiny and manageable. It contains 100% vegetarian ingredients, free from parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

Saavy Naturals Natural and Organic Color Protector Shampoo - Jasmine

This Color Protector Shampoo is specifically formulated to protect color-treated hair from the harmful effects of the UV rays and help color last. It is made with Argan Oil, Fatty Acids, and botanical extracts such as Calendula, Marshmallow, Fennel and Lady’s Mantle. 

Tints of Nature Sulfate-Free Shampoo

This specially formulated sensitive-skin shampoo uses coconut derivative, instead of nasty, skin-irritating sulphates, to give you that lovely clean hair feeling and prolong your beautiful new hair colour.


Giovanni 2chic Avocado and Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Deep Moisture Hair Mask  

Unmask your hair's raw allure with 2chic Avocado and Olive Oil Deep Moisture Hair Mask. A delectable botanical blend of buttery Avocado and golden Olive Oil, formulated in our exclusive Dual Moisture Complex to replenish hair that feels dull, lifeless and brittle. 

Giovanni 2chic Repairing and Intensive Blackberry and Coconut Milk Hair Mask 

Repairing Intensive Hair Mask is made for damaged, over processed hair. It helps revitalize frayed, raspy, damaged, over processed or coarse hair and restores strength, eliminate frizz. 

Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil, Unrefined 15oz.

This product is the perfect choice for natural body, skin and hair care. Its unrefined organic coconut oil restores skin and hair's integrity and provides a protective layer to combat the damaging effects of sun, wind and cold weather.  You'll love its rich, natural tropical scent.

St. Tropica Coconut Oil Hair Mask

St. Tropica Coconut Oil Hair Mask is made strengthen, thicken and add luster to hair. It instantly repairs hair damage from inside-out, help stimulate hair growth, revitalize and strengthen dry or damaged hair and locks-in moisture to help eliminate split ends and frizzy hair.