It might seem easy to shop for gifts for makeup lovers on your list—with so many beauty brands in the market at a range of price points, there’s certainly something for every kind of beauty junkie.

But your skincare- and makeup-loving friends all have different needs and lifestyles so it’s best to tailor your gifts to each one. And with today’s increased eco- and social consciousness, it pays to be a little extra and choose products that are made with natural and sustainable ingredients.

Just in time for the holidays, Healthy Options has put together a variety of thoughtfully packaged natural beauty sets that make the perfect Christmas gifts. They also have natural and organic makeup that’s not only good for the skin but also for the environment. Now, make your list and check it twice, and make sure your loved ones get something extra nice!

For the traveler. Your jet-setting friend will appreciate a travel kit that comes with some skin-care essentials that she can easily stash in her suitcase: a Vitamin C serum that’s good for stressed-out skin, a night cream that she can slather on during a red-eye flight to keep the moisture locked in, a detoxifying scrub, a handy mirror, and a convenient pouch. Derma-E Travel Kit, P595 (includes Derma-E Radiant Set P595 includes: Vitamin C Concentrated Serum, Hydrating Night Cream, Purifying Daily Detox Scrub, Travel Mirror, Travel Pouch)

For the balikbayan. Relatives coming in from abroad? Welcome them with a kit that can help them get their glow on after a long-haul flight. A scrub, toner, and a beauty-boosting serum can help them look and feel like new in no time! Derma-E Radiant Set, P595 (includes Vitamin C Concentrated Serum, Radiance Toner, Microdermabrasion Scrub)   

For the beauty vlog fanatic. Your makeup junkie friend might have every celebrity-endorsed beauty product out in the market but it’s time you introduce her to something new: natural and organic beauty products from Mineral Fusion. This brand has a range of products that are free of harsh and potentially harmful chemicals (such as parabens, fragrance, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates, formaldehyde, toluene, propylene glycol, and hydroquinone). Select a few products and make your own personalized sets to make the perfect gifts for makeup lovers!

For the fitness fanatic. Give your gym-going, sports-loving friend an extra boost of energy. This set cleanses, soothes, and hydrates while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture. It contains shea butter and organic aloe and features the stimulating scents of rosemary and mint to help awaken the senses and revitalize the skin. Plus, it’s 100% natural, paraben- and sulfate-free. The Energizing Gift Set, P849 (includes Rosemary Mint Hand Repair Cream, Rosemary Mint Bar Soap, Peppermint Twist Lip Conditioner)  

For the new mom. If you think staying up late during the holidays is exhausting, imagine what it’s like for a new mom who has to do it for months on end! This set is the perfect pick-me-up, containing the scents of grapefruit, patchouli, and grapefruit. Handcrafted with shea butter, these products can replenish the skin’s natural moisture, leaving your new-mom friend feeling uplifted. The Invigorating Gift Set, P849 (includes Grapefruit Turmeric Hand Repair Cream, Soft Patchouli Bar Soap, Grapefruit Burst Lip Conditioner)

For you! You deserve to be pampered amid all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. All the late nights, parties, and unhealthy eating can really take a toll on your skin so your skin would love the extra help. (Make sure you also get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and try to eat healthy for the most part because the best kind of holiday glow comes from within.) This set is also perfect for all those in your life who deal with daily stress—which means this and other relaxation gifts are perfect for everyone! It features ingredients like organic argan oil, olive oil, and pure essential oils to ease your mind while hydrating your skin. It also features the relaxing scent of lavender, which can soothe and calm the body and mind, perfect for anyone looking to decompress and de-stress. The Relaxing Gift Set, P1,250 (includes Calming Lavender Hand & Body Lotion, Calming Lavender Roll-On Oil, Calming Lavender Bar Soap)

Visit any of the Healthy Options nationwide or shop online to find a range of gift sets, not just for beauty and skincare lovers, but for everyone on your list.