Cleaning your space for the New Year? Don't forget to declutter your mind, too! Enjoy mental peace with these tips.


1. List down your priorities.

Don't feel pressured to finalize what are the most important things to do, as these tend to change over time. 


2. Start journaling.

Write down what's going on, even if it feels like an ordinary day. Turning fleeting thoughts and worries into words helps us process our day-to-day in a healthy way.


3. Try single-tasking.

Focusing on one task at a time frees the mind. Multi-tasking doesn't work for everyone, and that's totally fine. While it can save time, multi-tasking often causes more stress.


4. Find ways to sleep better.

It could mean getting a new pillow, a room diffuser, or a dietary supplement like melatonin. Better sleep leads to less stress, and vice-versa. 


5. Unplug and reconnect with your offline activities. 

Time spent for hobbies you enjoy never goes to waste. Read, play with a pet, or spend more time in the kitchen. 



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