When it comes to homemade trail mix recipes the sky is the limit with your imagination for the best trail mix recipe. Flavor combinations are as versatile as there are options for mixing ingredients.


There are no rules in measurement for trail mix so you can add as many and as much ingredients as you like. Choose from any combination of seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, sweeteners and spices and know that it’s hard to go wrong, especially for a trail mix recipe with nuts.



Originally created as an easy and portable snack for hiking and other strenuous activity, you don’t need to be a mountaineer to reap the health benefits of trail mix. Try these fun and flavorful combinations for a healthy trail mix recipe and reap the benefits of fiber-rich, antioxidant packed, and nutrient dense combination of fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, sweeteners and spices.



Almonds+ Raisins+Flaxseeds+Oats+Vanilla

Much loved and familiar ingredients make this fiber-rich trail mix reminiscent of a deconstructed version of your favorite morning oatmeal.



Loaded with antioxidants, feel like its fall with warningly sweet flavors from this trail mix that’s especially comforting to have on tough days.

Pecans+Dates+Sunflower Seeds+Maple Granola+Cinammon



Feel transported to a vacation get away with each bite of this trail mix, filled with exotic ingredients, healthy fats, and flavors.

Macadamia+Coconut  Flakes+Dried Mango+Cacao Nibs



Feel at ease with a handful of these comforting ingredients. Sweetened with honey and filled with energizing ingredi

Walnuts+Dried Apple+Pumpkin Seeds+Bran Cereal+Honey



Trail mix need not be sweet. Try this adventurous and mineral rich savory mix, with onion powder tying up all the flavors of each ingredient nicely.

Cashews+Edamame+Pretzels+Wasabi Peas+Onion Powder